Making Business Connections and Growing Customer Base

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Making Business Connections and Grow Customer Base

As in real estate and self-storage business standpoint, clients come to you because they need help and believe you can help them by solving their problems – providing the real estate needs and or rental self-storage needs. Helping people and continue to connect with them is an important strategy for any business. Connections are the fuel that keeps businesses and customers connect. For an entrepreneur with a small business knows how to find potential customers, make connections, and keep maintaining these long-term business relationships are priceless. Understanding your specific audience, target customers of the niche market to get to know them on a personal level are essential. Connections can be in person, by phone, by email, by mail or online, etc.

Here are some tips to help to connect with your clients:

  • With the potential clients: Understand and knowing these potential clients’ needs within one to six months or one to two years from now until they are ready to sell or buy or rent. If you have your business email contact list, send them the information updating on the local current market, trend, business location and anything that relates to what the prospects interested in.
  • With the past clients: You must take good care of them because they are your best customer base and if you want to receive their referrals, testimonials, and good reviews.
  • With the current clients: You must take time to get to know them, let them know you appreciate their business and they are your valuable clients. Making the business impression by allowing your professional, personality and excellent customer service shine when meeting in person. Answering any questions that your clients may have and provide prompt information directly to them.
  • Online platform connections: they are great tools for the business. Take advantage of the convenience of the speed internet, finding good reasons to reach out to the clients personally, not just commenting on their Facebook feed or following on Tweeter. Create valuable posts that keep customers’ support and that they want to share with their family and friends. Private message them and let them know you are here to help. Update regularly social media webpage business and blogs with great information to keep people checking and researching on your website and or following you on social media.
  • Farming letters:  They are an effective way to expose your business to people and in the target market. Be consistent and provide relevant information that meaningful to the client and be on top of their mind when it comes to deciding to buy, sell or rent from you.

There are many ways of connecting in today’s digital world, and the above tips are just a few examples. It is not easy due to time-consuming, challenges and or seems overwhelming to create personalized connections. However, if you schedule and do it correctly, it will help grow your customer base, create value-boosting your business’s exposure and your loyal customers would thank you for being their resource and keeping them in the loop of what’s happening in the market.


One thought on “Making Business Connections and Growing Customer Base

  1. One of the more unique strategies I’ve seen has been through Uber drivers. I’ve seen Uber drivers who are real estate agents and every time they pick up somebody in the house they pass them the business card for their real estate practice. Some people are actually selling a house and they then engage them as a potential selling agent. Other people are visiting and looking for a house and they can then serve as a buyer’s agent.


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