ENT 645-50 Professional Presentation Public Speaking/Reflection


Mary Speach 2011


Speach Pic

Opportunity School for Women program was my subject matter I spoke of. I have only one time spoke in public and it was at the graduation ceremony of this 3-week class I took at the Berea Collage, KY in 2011. Now 6 years later my business mind, my English, job experience and education have come a long way. I was scared of thinking about doing this speech even though it was in front of people I knew from a Real Estate office where my husband works. It lasted for about 7 minutes and then people asked questions and answer time for about another 15 minutes.

As you see in my speech I started off very stiff but the last half I felt more comfortable. I was feeling more confident when talking more details about the subject and seeing the excitement of the audience who was listening to me, asked questions with sincere interest.  When the question / answer time was happening, I felt like they were going to share this information with the women out there who truly needed it. I hope that this speech might result in some people who need this program in going and having a life changing moment like I did. This program is a true confidence builder.

Mary Schuler


2 thoughts on “ENT 645-50 Professional Presentation Public Speaking/Reflection

  1. Hi Mary,

    I love this reflection. You look so much more relaxed in the second photo. I could see you relaxing into your talk in the video, too. I am sure audience members benefited from your talk.



  2. Hi David,
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    Yes, after it is over I do like public speaking but only after it is over haha. Still scary but I know that a high comfort level with what your speaking about is the key to getting through it.


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