CORRECTED ENT 645 Direct Response Tool by Mary Schuler

Corrected ENT 645 Direct Response Tool


Please click here —>Murphy Real Estate Company – Marketing Letter

Marketing letter head

Thank you for inquiring about properties in our area. Whether you are looking for a small cabin for weekend getaway, a second home, a mini farm, or a large acreage, I can help you.

The beautiful Western NC and Northeast GA offer something for every taste and budget!
We are currently enjoying an excellent Buyer’s Market with a large selection of properties and low interest rates. Don’t miss these investment opportunities!

As a member of the NC and GA MLS (Multiple Listing Services), I can assist you with all properties For Sale in our area.

Below is my contact information. Please feel free to call for any questions. I look forward to working with you.

Best Regards,

Mary Schuler

PS: I invite you to visit our Website at and use MLS search tools, if any property for sale catches your eyes, please contact me. I will be happy to send you more information. Better yet, stop by at my office and receive a free appreciation gift!


The above page (first page) that you have just read is my Marketing Letter that I created in Step 1 of Direct Response Tool. ENT 645 Week 6.
Step 2: This Marketing Letter has been tested with five individuals “Ideal Clients” and received their feedback.
Here is the Summary of Testing and Analysis feedback: • The logo is simple, spot on the real estate business, however it is a little small.

• Need to but contact information and website together with the address on the top.

• The Title looked like I mainly target the people outside of the mountain areas. Yes, the major potential clients are come from the South like Florida, some are from the North. That they know this area is a balance in between in term of weather – not too cold in the winter, still hope for having the snow which is a plus of the excitement, and not too hot in the summer.

• The market is affordable compare with other big cities. Lo taxes and Investors opportunities.

• People moves to the mountains because this area offers full four seasons: beautiful blooming flowers in the spring, cool with breezes in the summer, best colorful leaves changing in the mountains in the fall and pretty romantic winter (because the snow will be melted and gone the next day 😊)

• People said that these areas offer everything they need to enjoy and be relax such as rivers, lakes, trails, casino, fishing, antiques, hunting, boating, restaurants, etc., and if occasionally want to go shopping, just drive 1.5-2 hours to a different world – big cities.

• People said the Marketing Letter presentation is professional, inviting and call to action. Make people want to stop by and to get the gift for free. Why not?

• Needs to add some Social Media webpage links or icons, if possible.

• Need to put my title next to the name (for example: Realtor/Broker or Real Estate Agent).




4 thoughts on “CORRECTED ENT 645 Direct Response Tool by Mary Schuler

  1. Mary,

    I like your Marketing letter but I think the direct response tool is to capture the clients contact information. I realize that being a real estate office it is probably better if they come to you. I like your idea of offering them a free gift for stopping by your office, maybe you could specify what the free gift is to incentivize them more or maybe the suspense is enough to get them to stop by. To me it seems very busy at the top with all the logos, maybe you could just put yours at the top and put the others at the bottom. I also like the suggestions of your clients. It looks great!



    • Hello Mackensie,
      This letter is after they already requested information.
      I think you made some great observations.
      I listened to you and Cece and have now corrected the document and brought it down to 1 page.
      I will add it to my blog so both the old and new can be seen.
      Thanks again,


  2. Hi Mary,

    I agree with Mackensie that the top looks busy and her ideas to move the others down to the bottom. I would use your line “fall in love………..” as what catches the buyer’s attention. Bold it, make it larger and change the color from black to something eye catching. Maybe exchange the red on the serving to black and make the tagline red. Also, I think the free gift should be moved and enlarged. If someone does not take the time to read the whole letter they will not know it is there.

    I know I said this before in another one of my feedbacks, but what about a picture of one of the unique properties you either sold or helped someone buy in the mountains under your “fall in …..” tagline?

    Should you somehow let current mountain dwelling owners you will help sell their homes on this flyer or are you trying to work only with buyers at this time?



    • Hi Cece,
      I have listened to your corrections and am posting the fixed document to the top of my original blog post.
      I felt it was important to keep it all on one page which I have now also done.
      Thanks for taking the time to help tweak my letter.


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