ENT 645 Week 2 Blog: Likeable Social Media Appendix

Likeable Social Media Appendix: “A Refresher Guide to the Social Networks that Matter Most” page 225-229 in LSM

At the beginning of Likeable Social Media Appendix: “A Refresher Guide to the Social Networks that Matter Most”, author Dave Kerpen used an example of his wife-Carrie as a customer/consumer who took advantage of using social media as the tools. Carrie was in the mist of innovating her home project, how she looked for home contractors by Googling then checked all the reviews of different websites, then asking friends’ opinions to recommend a trusted constructor, how she made decision on purchasing and decorating by asking questions and got feedback on Tweeter and Facebook, then moved on to YouTube for more learning and research etc.

The connecting of many parties on social media are endless, brought results that satisfy customers and help companies sell their product/services, win-win situation.

Let’s take a look of the five majors social media that I found very useful especially for real estate business:

  1. Google: Google is always the first step for mostly people who want to find ideas and answers. According to Annual Survey of Home Buyers by the California Association of Realtors Trade Group – Inman News, participants who used the internet in the home-buying process reported that the first website they visited was Google. Just type your key words, Google will provide many sites, you only need to narrow down to specific of what you are really looking for. That why it is very important for business to not only have a website but also have blog pages. Why? Blog makes Google know you. Blog allows you to stay in touch. Blog forces you to stay focus and allow you to become an expert in your specialized field…

Just beware of the difference between a webpage and a blog. They are similar: a        webpage is static and a blog allows web surfers to post comments, share thoughts and enrich the subject matter. You will find out why the author mentioned “Five Reasons Your Company Should be Blogging”, he taught you how to start, continue the blogging process (p.240).

I remember when I just started working as a licensed assistance to my husband (my Broker-In-Charge of The Schuler Team Realty), I was so glad that I attended more than one training classes that changed my point of view about marketing, networking and change our business in a good way forever since. I learned how to turn my real estate blogs into a marketing machine, learned what the potential buyers/sellers want by the way they research and type key words on Google, how to plan a good linking strategy, networking and call to action and how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to keep our real estate website www.28906.com stays on the first page of Google.

2. Facebook: “More than one billion people in the world, are on Facebook, including over 175 million American, that is every one in two American adults” according to Dave Kerpen. It is considered “the number one social network in the world”. Isn’t it amazing?

With just click on a “Like” button, you help endorse, connect, and link directly and immediately to any individuals or groups or pages in the world. Now you create your business page, set up business profiles and have numbers of “friends”. Because there are thousands of niche social networks out there, each media network reaches different distinct segment markets, it is important to understand and select what social media channels are best for your business, for “what works on Facebook won’t necessarily work on Pinterest.”

3. Twitter: I feel overwhelming just to think about twitting or following or being followed. According to the author, “the best uses are for consumer insight, customer service, real-time communication”. There are so much information and ways that business can take advantage for more exposure when tapping into conversation, it is 100% open conversations to the public which is a little bit different versus Facebook.

4. YouTube: It is effectively useful, especially in real estate business. For example, posting live video listings is the great way of online video marketing. It focuses on what you are trying to market and its worth a thousand words, exactly as the author said, “there is no better way to tell story than through video.” Same as Facebook, as all we know, images and videos are everything.

5. LinkedIn: More than 80 million users, LinkedIn is especially useful for marketers in the business-to-business space. Focus only for professional business networking when it comes for recruitment, retention, and industry collaboration.

Besides of the five major social network tools above, author also mentioned to Pinterest, Flickr, Myspace, Yelp, and the hundreds of other niche social networks that use for connecting to a highly targeted audience. Keep in mind, each social media type serves as a tool depends on what type of business you have and “each person uses social media and social networks in different ways,” said author. As an entrepreneur, if your business is looking for to connect and to engage – to be heard and to listen, then it is time for the company to use social media marketing to engage with potential clients, making connection with consumers and more for your business advantage.


Book: Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and be generally amazing on Facebook (and other social networks) by Dave Kerpen.



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