Mary Schuler ENT 610 Week 6_Five Outdoor Advertising Analysis

  1. Seat Belt


This is a billboard but not just an average billboard but a 3 D billboard.  It is a service ad that says to buckle up even if you’re in the back seat. With the sling shot being installed many feet in front of the billboard it makes it an eye catcher and adds a bit of humor.

The objective here is to wake up the public to tell the people in the back seat to buckle up. It shows that in an accident it will still toss you forward and hurt you if you don’t.

This ad targets anyone who drives or riding in the back seat from children to adults.

This ad it trying to get all drivers to realize that your rear seat passengers can get serious injuries in an accident just like people in the front seat if not strapped in. If the back-seat people do not buckle up it’s the driver that needs to tell them to do so.

By doing so (buckling up) you will save injuries and life if there should be an accident.

2. Folgers


This is a man cover in the city with steam constantly coming out of the cover. By painting it to look like a cup of coffee Folgers has made a nothing into a something. It also gives the as a 3 D look.

By doing this it makes everyone who sees it smile and probably take a big sniff to see if they can smell the coffee. Even through there is a disappointment of no coffee smell you should now want a nice hot cup of coffee now.

This ad is asking all coffee drinkers to think about them, to think about a nice hot cup of Folgers coffee. With this ad, they will.

The value of this product is that it helps you wake up in the morning and keep you going mid-afternoon when it’s hard to get through the work day. The actual coffee has a great aroma and usually is a feel-good product for most users.

  1. BIG FRANK (Do you know BIG FRANK!) Realtor @ Exit Realty

2016 BF Red Billboard

OK, this is my favorite ad because it is my husband.

This is an ad for a Realtor/Broker (Big Frank @ Exit Realty) in a small town (Murphy NC) trying to get name recognition.

It is important to know that for 4 years he had furniture truck, signs, roofs at a big flea market, garages, 46-foot box trailer, 12-foot box trailer (rolling billboard) that he would lend to his clients that all said, “DO YOU KNOW BIG FRANK?”

This would create a question in many people’s mind on who this person is. As they find him he would always have a PRIZE to give them along with a card and introduction.

Branding his shirts like a uniform and daily driving truck with the name BIG FRANK it would allow many people to find him. The prize might be a hat, coffee cup, pen, bumper sticker that all said “YES, I KNOW BIG FRANK”.

This game went on for 4 years with people going to the Chamber of Commerce or through a drive thru or at Lowe’s and ask everyone who is BIG FRANK?  Over 1600 gifts with business cards where given out in the last 4 years. The Success of this ad campaign was hi and will allow business for many years to remember him when the Real-Estate need arises.

NAME RECOGNITION in this community is important and BIG FRANK has it more than most. The beauty of this is only the first person who does it works and no one else can copy it without looking silly.

Now it is time for people to know who “BIG FRANK” is and where to find him.  Two   billboards went up this year as you see so people can solve this mystery created. One on the main Hwy into town from many major cities and one that was going up to a new Cherokee Indian Casino (Harrah’s Casino) in Murphy NC. These are the billboards that you see.

This ad has been very successful for BIG FRANK and it has increased his income. What the future holds because of this campaign is unknown but will be on the positive side for sure. People who has not seen him for 15 years come to town and call him because of name recognition.

He has created a local famous stardom quality especial among children that want to meet him. He even had a lady call to let him know her sons first words he read by himself was this slogan.

  1. Tiernitos Dog Food


This is a fun ad for animal lovers that shows how Tiernitos dog food and treats drive dog’s crazy. I think the slogan is very eye catching.

This ad should make people want to buy their product because it shows all dogs goes crazy over their food and is healthy and that makes the product a winner.

They want to appeal to all pet (dog) owners.

If you buy their product they are representing that the dogs will go crazy over it and love the taste.

5. Alexander’s Land & Sea Grille


Here is a billboard that is enticing you to come eat with them because they guarantee that the seafood will be fresh because it is flown in daily. The way the plane looks like it is flying out of the billboard is an eye catcher.

To bring people into the restaurant is why they promote the freshness.

They are trying to communicate to anyone who loves fresh seafood and if you’re not on the ocean that will be important.

This billboard is asking all who see it, all who want fresh seafood to come and try them and enjoy.

Value is that they represent that their seafood is the freshest in town and you need to eat here to get the best.


10 thoughts on “Mary Schuler ENT 610 Week 6_Five Outdoor Advertising Analysis

  1. HI Mary!

    You chose some phenomenal ads! It’s hard for me to pick a favorite because they were all so good. I think the sling-shot ad for seat belts is incredibly effective. By relating a back seat to something like a sling shot, the danger is told even without needing a single word or moment of explanation.

    Then we have the manhole coffee from Folgers. This is pure creative brilliance. The 3D visuals here are awesome, and it gets your attention so well in a unique way.

    Finally, I have to say that your husband’s “Do you know Big Frank?” marketing campaign is absolute gold. That is so smart!

    All the best,


  2. Hi Austin,
    I think the outdoor advertising was my favorite because people could very much think outside of the box on there. Creativity really flows. I like the funny ones the best.
    Big Franks ad is a one of a kind ad that has proven itself well. Creating the mystery did work.
    Have a great day.


  3. Hi Mary,

    I loved all of your ad selections! My favorite two were your husband’s and the dog treats. Your husband’s ad is great! And, like you said no one can really copy him without looking silly. I’m sure he has gotten a lot of attention because of that billboard. And, again you are right about people driving by and thinking no I don’t know him, but maybe I should go and meet him. I wish you the best with your business!


  4. Hi Mary,
    We both chose the slingshot ad for buckling up. I thought it was a great ad with the 3d appeal just like your last ad for Alexander’s restaurant. I think companies looking for new ways to use an old medium-the billboard are really coming up with some very unique ideas to capture our attention. The Folgers is really cool. I would be prompted to buy a coffee at that moment with an ad on the street. I love the ad campaign Big Frank has created. Since no one can copy it, you could maybe get in on his celebrity with a mystery campaign of your own. Enjoy hearing the story of his success.


    • Hi Cece,
      Again thanks for your comments.
      Before BIG FRANK came up with this new ad campaign when I was more active in the Real Estate business we had large billboards in town that had “BIG FRANK & Lil Mary”. It was said that I was so petite I could not get the entire word “Little” in front of my name. We had fun with that for a while to.


  5. Folgers. Absolutely brilliant. It makes you think that a well placed outdoor ad can be amazing in terms of creativity AND effect. If only the other 99% of the “litter on a stick” that is outdoor advertising matched it.
    For a very competitive market with low barriers to entry like RE I think you and he are spot on and the ad shows that you need to be unique. And for a product that is mostly based on a single person, that person should be the brand emphasis.
    I like how the dogs have personality and get the attention and the owner has no face. Dog lovers love dogs and that’s what they care about. I love ads that break the plane (tee hee) and extend outside the rectangle. As a kid I remember the drive to SC and passing the South of the Border signs. We never stopped but I remembered all the ads and looked forward to seeing them the next year.
    I commented on the seat belt ad elsewhere – I love it.

    You can delete the posting I put in response to other blog – sorry!


  6. Hi Mary,
    The billboards you posted were so colorful and fun for outdoor ads.
    SlingShot – Buckle-up informs everyone that regardless of here you sit in the car yo need to buckle up. The 3D visual helps people driving by can get an image of individuals seated in the back being flung forward if an accident was to occur.
    Folgers – this outdoor painted ad on the man cover is creative and makes people passing by thinking about coffee.
    Do you know Big Frank – This ad is awesome! I have seen them when I drove down that way. I like that there were prizes given out when people found him. Who knew real estate could be so much fun! I am glad that through these ads that you could see and increase in income. Out of all the outdoor ads that you mentioned, which one has provided the best benefits?
    Tiernitos Dog Food – The wrap on the bus with the guy stuck to the back of it being pulled by a pack of hungry dogs was cute. The Pink background gets your attention right way.
    Alexander’s Land & Sea Grille – This ad makes me hungry. With the airplane looking like it is flying in with the fresh catch of the day makes you think when you get there you are going to get some great seafood. Yum!



  7. Your outdoor ads you chose were all great. I truly enjoyed the one for BIG FRANK because this is someone that is close to me in North Carolina and brought it home. The work you explained that was done for his ads is inspiring. This shows how much work he had put into his advertising campaigns and the extra steps he did to get others to know BIG FRANK. Great job with this ad!! The next ad I enjoyed was the Tiernitos dog food and treats. This ad catches a viewer’s eye and shows exactly what the dogs are after with nothing the dog walker can do. Great job on all of your outdoor ads.


  8. Hello,
    I have to say that I personally really liked the Folgers ad. I love coffee. As a coffee enthusiast, just the thought of coffee is comforting and relaxing. I feel if I was walking down a cold or dreary street and saw that on the manhole cover it would make me want to go to the nearest coffee shop, perhaps not go to the grocery store and buy Folgers coffee right then. Yet, it would cause me to look at Folgers when I run out of coffee. I do believe that most coffee enthusiasts are loyal to their brands. It’s a tough market to sway. A concern about the ad is the steam coming out of the manhole cover is not exactly the most pleasant smelling and that may take away from the desire to purchase Folgers. Good job overall!


  9. The seat belt billboard uses humor to confront a serious issue. It’s eye catching and definitely makes its point. The Folgers ground ad is creative and dynamic. I especially like their toying with the slogan, “The city that never sleeps.” I wonder how many people sniffed to see if you could smell the coffee? The billboard with Frank is great. The branding is so clever. By giving people gifts after they find out who Frank is ensures there is a lasting impression. I feel the story about the lady’s son learning to read from the billboard is priceless. I like the last two ads for the same reason, their use of 3D images which captures your attention immediately, then draws you into the rest of the message.


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