Mary Schuler ENT 610 Week 5_Five Magazine Ad Analysis

  1. GOLDFISH Crackers


Here we have a goldfish cracker ad. Salty cheese crackers in the shape of a fish. These have been around since 1997 being produced by Pepperidge Farms a division of the Campbell Soup Company. They wanted to make soup more fun with the cracker fish to put in soup.

The real cheese being grated represents the flavor and adding color added enjoyment and eye appeal for people. It’s not only for soup any more. People just enjoy eating them as a snack.

They are targeting all ages who like eating crackers, chips or any other salty snack.

This is an eye-catching ad with a lot of white space and gives you images of a real cheese taste. They want you to buy this product as an impulse buy or to keep around for any time.

It is fun to float in your soup as a kid and you remember that as an adult. It is a quick inexpensive snack to hold you over to the next meal or stop the stomach grumbles if needed.

Salty snacks have always been for many people a must have.

  1. Animal Human Society


This ad brings attention to the animal humane society and a little of what they do. They post their web site to entice you to look more about them. It brings to mind to adopt,volunteer,donate. They show a Macaw bird which is an interesting choice because normally you think of just dogs and cats. This ad makes you realize that there is a lot more to the humane society than just dogs and cats.

They are trying to appeal to anyone who is an animal lover or likes the thought of supporting their society either through time, money or to adopt a loving pet for enrichment in your life.


  1. Dove Body Silk


Dove has an entire line of skin products like soaps and lotions. This ad shows a nice and inviting body silk (lotion) product in colors that makes you think of creamy vanilla. They want to offer a line that will make your skin, cleaner, smoother, healthier which is what all people want especially women.

Women, Children, Men, anyone who has skin Dove wants their product to appeal to you.  They want you to make your skin better than before. To keep it smoother and younger as the years pass. Notice the one marketing tool that was done many years ago was to start calling produce BODY wash or body lotion to get the people to use the product on their entire body and not just face or hands etc.

This is a good product that people like and feel like it is of quality. It gives you soft and silky skin. Notice how the word SILKY gives you imaginations of what a baby’s skin use to feel like. Who would not want that as an adult.

  1. Michelin Tire


This is the Michelin Tire Guy. They sell tires in many countries and for many different type of viechles. Notice all the product they show you at the bottom of the page. They are known for quality.  Michelin tire hope to represent with this ad that if you use their tires you and your family will be safer. Even though you can’t read the ad if you do not know the language this ad brings across everything that it should.

They are wanting to offer this to any one or company that drives a viechle of any kind.

They want you to think of your work, family, safety, and to choose their high-quality product.

It is known that Michelin is not the cheapest produce at all but they do last and keep safety in mind and have studies to back it up.

  1. International Coffees

Suisse Mocha Ad 1986

International Coffees in an instant quality coffee with flavors to arouse your taste buds.

This ad has many objectives and offers many thoughts to the right people

Here they are targeting men or women, business people who get up early and need to clear their head quick to enjoy the paper and a little ME TIME in the morning.

HOW TO CIVILIZE 7a.m. says it all. Showing the watch and briefcase, newspaper all says to get a new day started and to have it under control from your first coffee.

The value of this produce is to make someone look forward to 7a.m. and to help them get their day started off on the right foot.


10 thoughts on “Mary Schuler ENT 610 Week 5_Five Magazine Ad Analysis

  1. Hi Mary,

    Wow, you chose some great magazine ads. I actually never knew that Gold Fish crackers were created as a complimentary product to Campbells soup. That is interesting, how smart of them! It all makes perfect sense now.

    The ad is also good, I love how it takes something so recognizable (a cheese grater) and uses it to tell us that the snack is made from real cheese. Of course they could have said “made from real cheese”, but I think this is more effective because the message is communicated without words. Anyone can understand what the ad means.

    Great job,


  2. Mary,
    Nice ads. Like Austin I really liked the cracker ad. I thought the use of the grater was excellent with all the goldfish coming out. Simple yet very effective. It is often difficult for people to remember other animals when it comes to rescue and the use of the beautiful Macaw would catch your attention before you realized it was for the Humane Society. I was a little confused by Michelin’s use of the children and then all the heavy construction equipment and recreational equipment in the ad. I think the General Foods coffee ad is directed at women. Check out the small watch. I do not think too many men would wear it. Dove’s color scheme in the body lotion seems to fit in with those words you pointed out: soft and silky. No harsh colors no harsh skin.


  3. Folgers. Absolutely brilliant. It makes you think that a well placed outdoor ad can be amazing in terms of creativity AND effect. If only the other 99% of the “litter on a stick” that is outdoor advertising matched it.
    For a very competitive market with low barriers to entry like RE I think you and he are spot on and the ad shows that you need to be unique. And for a product that is mostly based on a single person, that person should be the brand emphasis.
    I like how the dogs have personality and get the attention and the owner has no face. Dog lovers love dogs and that’s what they care about. I love ads that break the plane (tee hee) and extend outside the rectangle. As a kid I remember the drive to SC and passing the South of the Border signs. We never stopped but I remembered all the ads and looked forward to seeing them the next year.
    I commented on the seat belt ad elsewhere – I love it.


  4. Oops. That got posted to the wrong blog. Where here goes for this set!

    I like the ad but I think the “Baked with Real Cheese” was a mistake. Had they used an image of cheese it would have been a very effective graphic ad. Perhaps the reason why they don’t is the reality that there is practically no cheese in this carb-centric processed food, and lets be honest if you want cheese it’s pretty cheap, highly portable and comes in endless varieties.
    In an ad if you have something pretty, go for it. What a beautiful bird – who wouldn’t want to protect it?
    For me the Dove ad is mainly useful to remind me of their brand; that’s about it.
    I love the Michelin man; that’s about all their ads need to show since the product is actually pretty dull. I find the little pictures in the bottom too small. I would go for a couple larger pictures and not shove them into the bottom of the ad.
    I feel the 7am ad is to targeted to the person who is at a certain point at 7am. Some folks are commuting. Some are running around getting kids ready for school. Some lucky folks are still sleeping. To me the 7am component is a mistake.


  5. Hi Mary,
    Goldfish – grating fresh cheese and watching it turn into tiny goldfish is eye catching and appealing to someone wanting a salty snack or just a snack in general.
    Animal Humane Society – I like how this ad informs you that they help all animals with the Macaw and the image of the animals all running in their logo.
    Dove Silk – I love Dove products and will have to try this one out. The container that it is in makes me think of body butter’s you can purchase. I wonder if it is the same? I like body butter’s, but sometimes the scent is too strong for me that is why I use Dove. Thanks for sharing.
    Michelin Tire – I like the Michelin guy and by picking the little boy up with one arm goes to show how strong he is and the tire they make are also strong and durable.
    International Coffee – This small cans of flavored coffee look easy to make and get the day started off right.

    Thank you for sharing these great ads.


  6. For the goldfish crackers ad, I think it’s smart for them to play up the “real cheese” ingredient to try and differentiate themselves from the “junk food” snack category. I eat them and so do my kids, but when packing lunches for school I use goldfish crackers only if I don’t have something else to round out the meal. I’d prefer a cut fruit or vegetable to go in there as the snack; goldfish crackers aren’t as healthy. But the makers apparently target this attitude with the “real cheese” statement, the use of a clean, shiny grater, and a clean/simple colored background. They definitely seem to have their eye on the ball with this one.


  7. The ads you chose were great. They had a broad spectrum from food to tires. The one I liked is the most is the Michelin Tires ad. Although, I do not know what the ad is stating, I can tell from the pictures the point it is conveying. This is important to me because it is one of my first thoughts, my child and grandchildren, about tires is their safety. The ad shows the love and protection of the children in the ad. Then there is the section at the bottom that shows all the different vehicles that use Michelin Tires, which my father has an RV and he is the one who continuously taught me about safety and tires. Great job Mary!!


  8. My favorite is the Goldfish ad. The image of the cheese being grated and becoming fish is incredibly clever. The humane society logo and then large photo of a Macaw made me realize they provide services beyond dogs and cats. Great awareness campaign. The use of the work body as a way to shift consumer’s perceptions is very sneaky and effective. The coffee ad is funny. I don’t drink coffee but I appreciate the sentiment of making 7 a.m. more civilized.


  9. The Goldfish advertisement was the only one that really stuck out to me. I like the fact that their message is clearly conveyed in a fun way! The hand shredding the real cheese and the “shredded bits” falling out from underneath the cheese grater are the Goldfish snacks! I’ve always loved Goldfish snacks and seeing the advertisement brings back good memories. If I didn’t know that Goldfish snacks were made with real cheese, I’d be a believer now!


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