ENT 610 – “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment Five Newsprint Ads Analysis – by Mary Schuler

  1. Calvert Whiskies 1937:

8.-vintage-newspaper-adThis is the ad for Calvert whiskies, one of the top design vintage ad in 1937. The puppy’s sad eyed Peke representing a hang over after drinking a cheap whisky, opposite with the Schnauzer dog who was with a smiling face. The conversation between them was fun and conveyed the product’s message:

The Peke says, “I’ll be doggoned, pard — (Definition CHUM, BUDDY) 

 My head feels like a St. Bernard!”

The Schnauzer says, “You failed last night to call for CALVERT. Serves you right!”

This was a fun ad and the cute pets was always an eye catcher. Men can easily relate to the “dog house”.  The hurting dog was a hangover because of drinking cheap alcohol. To have a clear head you need to drink Calvert Whiskies, a high-quality whisky that should not cause the pain the next morning.

The play of words and images tie together that helped the product even more eye catching and more understanding to the readers. The conversation and the look of the Peke and the Schnauzer showed as an advice and the solution to enjoy a fun night and still have a clear head, “call for Calvert Whiskies”.

Buy better whiskies. Short and clear slogan. Have a fun night and the next day you still keep a clear head and “don’t feel “in the dog house” …tomorrow!”

This relates to any whisky customer who needs to buy quality whisky.

The design and the look of the ad was fascinating when looking back in the early times. This cool vintage newsprint ads showed the evolution of the advertising industry and they know what their customers wanted back then. It is still popular nowadays using the cute animals for advertisement.


  1. Dr. J.S. Frost 1912:


The newsprint ad for Dr. J.S. Frost from 1912 was depicting a little boy with a big smile and a missing tooth. This little boy looks very much like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine in the 60s. It was said that back in time, many early dentists used a similar looking little boy in their ads.

The ad did not have any phone number, no address made you realized that back then Dr. J. S. Frost was in a small town and everyone knew everyone.

This ad showed people that pulling a tooth did not have to be painful any more. Below the boy’s image was a saying “It didn’t hurt a bit” as a guarantee. Notice how the dentist incorporated the disclaimer “If your tooth is not abcessed and your gums swollen”. Also, notice the negative word in there was “abcessed” had been intentionally misspelt and hyphenated. (The corrected word should be “abscessed” – my opinion). Looked like people back in that time was not able to read so well and would naturally skip over that word while looking at this ad.

Dr. J.S. Frost was trying to drum up his business of all ages and showed he had a more modern facility where his customers might expect less pain, especially for children, getting a tooth pulled before it goes abscessed is best solution. The ad started with one word “Toothache” then bought up the questions “Why have toothache?” ( notice the small H that was an eye catcher) and “Have you ever seen false teeth with natural looking gums? Then here was the solution “We make them. They look good”. It helped the customers decide to come see him whenever they have a toothache.

This ad showed the value of having healthy and good looking teeth and not to worry when dealing with a tooth problem.


  1. Stronger Marriage.org  ME / WE:


The first look is a big ME. Just naturally eye catching and made you curious and keep reading. This ad is about public service, about marriage. It is a powerful message with few words. It gave you a question of “How to Build a lasting Relationship” and the instruction by doing two steps:

  1. Cut on dotted line.
  2. Rotate 180 degrees.

Why cut it? Do you actual cut it like cutting a coupon form a Magazine? It made you think and the new word immediately created in your mind, a big WE. The light bulb came on and it made sense regarding “how to build a lasting relationship”. Stronger marriage needs more than one party to build, from ME to WE, you are now a team member of WE team and no longer a selfish, all about yourself ME. Treating a marriage like a WE will build a better, stronger marriage between couples.

This designed ad was simple and looked like a game but it brought up a profound message. It did not use many words, plenty of white space on the whole page and neutral background color that made you more focus and meditate what does the WE mean.

At the bottom of the ad was more than just an advice “If you want a Stronger Marriage, Work on it together”. Encourage the readers to visit their website. The logo was formed from two wedding rings together that was very strong symbol of marriage and the website address to finish the ad. Over all, a very clear ad.

The objective of this ad is to try to help and bring married couples together right from the beginning. To avoid problems that they see and must work with by putting out different messages to teach young couples the right recipes for a successful relationship.

Marketing to young couples this way will help the people to find the tips and resources to learn and improve the health of a relationship and family. Help lower the percentages of divorce and violence that can occur when couples are unhappy in their relationship.

By becoming a happier married couple through education and working together can also turn out healthier children who will be better adjusted and will live a fuller happier life and pass that on to their children.

The Value of a public service announcement like this can help for generations and affect many families if they just get to the right people and teach them how to build and keep the lasting relationship together.


  1. So Friendlyable 1964:


So Friendlyable! was this Disneyland’s heading. Now is Friendlyable a word? From my research, it is not a proper word yet but was created once upon a time by a Walt Disney Productions marketer and stuck right up to today. They still print T shirts with this word on it. This is a cute eye catching ad that represents FUN.

This ad was to attract all ages, especially children to a simpler way of fun and to create imagination and HAPPINNESS. The captain with his big smile, waved his had to welcome you. Just made you excited and wanted to bring the family to Disneyland and enjoy the day.

The benefit of going to Disneyland is that it is “The Happiest Place on Earth”. This leads you to believe that it will make you and your family happier which we all know is a priceless commodity in a family unit.

Amusement parks and family entertainment destinations were and still are so important. It brings value to the family’s health and happiness to go to a place like Disneyland and that is so important.


  1. Thomas Health System:


Here is an ad of Thomas Health System – Women’s Services. This ad had a lot of information and well organized and designed ad. Showing the Women Services available by two of the region’s most trusted names in care: Saint Francis Hospital and Thomas Memorial Hospital.

Right at the middle of the ad, a slogan “My hospital listens to women” next to a smiling woman’s face was eye catching and made you feel this was the place. Notice the word women and how they made the me stand out showing that they cared about YOU. This women services experience is all about me as a woman and that is what any woman wants to feel.

With this ad, Thomas Heath Systems company hoped to bring in women who need or want to learn more about the services that the two hospitals specialize in and had to offer. All these services are necessary and the thought of “one stop shopping” comes to mind. If these two hospitals can get any woman in there for one condition, this woman has a good chance of getting other services as well.

By targeting women of all ages and offering so many services, the value that the ad created was the services that helped a healthy life for women and helped to prevent the oncoming illness. You are not just a number to the Thomas Health System – Women’s Services but a person they truly care about.

The ad was so clean and easy to read the website and the logo on the background and at the bottom of the ad.


6 thoughts on “ENT 610 – “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment Five Newsprint Ads Analysis – by Mary Schuler

  1. I really like the nostalgic aspect of many of your advertisements. Newspaper advertising has changed so much over the years as readership has declined, don’t you think?

    The Stronger Marriage ad is a good one. That giant “ME” is quite eye-catching. The idea of cutting out the “M” and flipping to make it a “W” is both clever and an easy way to demonstrate what perhaps should happen within a marriage. There’s perhaps a deeper meaning, too. Not only is it necessary to be a “We” team, the “We” helps to build “Me,” which in turn makes a stronger couple.

    I like the Disneyland ad; it’s classic 60’s with the clipart. The use of “Friendlyable” causes readers to pause, and the tagline, “The Happiest Place on Earth” drives home the point. Even in its simplicity, it creates a desire within the reader. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place that suggests it’s the happiest place on earth?


    • Hi Mary,

      Much like David, I also really like how you chose some older ads from a different period in American marketing. Just thinking about how much has changed blows me away. At first glance, it can sometimes be easy to think “wow, new ads are so much better and effective.” But really when you think about it, that isn’t necessarily true. These ads spoke to people who lived in a different time, and I would go as far as saying that they are probably more effective with those people than any new ad could be.

      It just goes to show us that we have to be willing to change our approach to marketing as the times shift.

      Great work on this, Mary.


  2. My personal favorite is the “Friendlyable” ad. I don’t know about Disneyland, but I’ve been to DisneyWorld and one of the first things you see are the ferries – I like how they incorporate that landmark into the ad. If you actually travel to the park, the promise of the ad – that is, the presence of the ferry – is already being met. Which leads you to think DisneyWorld delivers on their promises – it’s the “happiest place on Earth” too, isn’t it? I will say that the staff at DisneyWorld are actually very friendly…moreso than Universal Studios. Apparently staff friendliness is Priority #1 in the park and it is interesting to see that culture stretches back several decades.


  3. The ads you chose were great see and read about in this analysis. As others, have mentioned the thing that was exciting to see is how marketing ads have changed over the years. I truly enjoyed seeing these ads because it even shows the changes that were done from 1912 to 1937 in the details from basic to more detailed. Now, the ad for Stongermarriage.org was one that stood out visually even though it was more simplistic. The idea of changing the two letters “ME” into “WE” was very creative. The ad got me thinking of the message and how a relationship isn’t about me and it is about we, great job!! Also, the thought about it being a game did not come into mind until I read your analysis. You did a wonderful job!


  4. These ads were great and all pulled on your emotions. I was drawn to the Thomas Health Systems Women’s Services ad. As a young, single, woman finding somewhere that you feel comfortable going alone and that the doctors are in it for “me” is a big deal. If I were to see this ad when looking for a clinic to visit I would highly consider. I also really enjoyed the Stronger Marriage ad was simple and to the point. Marriage is not about one person, but both people working together. It was not confrontational and seemed to be reflective and not condemning. A better way to get someone to seek help, in my opinion. Great ad selections!


  5. These are great ads. The use of the puppies expression to convey human emotion is cute. I like the play on words with “dog house.” The boy does look like the Mad Magazine image. It must be a small town for no contact information to be given. I like the instructions on the M. This ad uses humor to bring up a serious subject. The made up word for Disneyland is so much fun and attention grabbing.


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