ENT 610 – “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment – Five TV Ads Analysis

  1. The Dancing Traffic Light: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/dancing-traffic-light/

Description: A mission/idea from Smart to keep the traffic safe and fun, especially in the dense and busy cities where people just crossing the street without waiting till the “pedestrian light” turns green. This mission also encouraged real volunteers every day at any moment to dance and being synced into the real time with upbeat dancing music at crossing traffic lights.

The Rap artist’s voice and the song was so much fun and engaging with his invitation and explanation of how the dancing light functions, along with the captions that help you more understanding the ad.

Objectives: To save lives and money from unwanted accidents. Public safety with a twist of fun.

Target Market: All pedestrians, everyone who walks in the cities where this product was installed.

Product Benefits: Crossing the street is always dangerous because most of time people are impatient and jaywalking, causing a lot of accidents. With this dancing light product, it had 81% more people waiting, watching, dancing along which had resulted in less accidents – per the reporters. This mission not only kept the traffic safe but also automatically made people slow down, brought more smiles, more engaging and breaking the ice between people on the streets., made their day more joyful and less stress.

Product Value: Making intersections in the cities safer for pedestrians and auto traffic.  This idea not only save lives, creates fun and interactions, bringing positive feeling and smiles on people, also helps many cities to install this idea in their community.


  1. Lantern: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/lantern-2/

Description: “Lantern app, lighting the way of blind” – the title/mission brings curious and makes you want to see what it is about.

At the beginning of the ad, there was a blind man standing inside the train, trying to find out the next directions with a real person. That was before the app, and it was obviously always time consuming, can be confusing, get lost and dangerous when walking in the Subway unsure about the next directions. The ad pointed out the facts that there are 468 stations, 21 lines and five million fellow riders… not easy for anyone, especially for the blinds.  So, must have a solution to help at least 60, 000 blinds New Yorkers less stress, more independent and get a little easier to navigate in Subway. The Metro Train Authority partner with IBM created a new app called Lantern. Lantern is an indoor system that uses Bluetooth with Smartphone. By downloading the Lantern app, the Smartphone becomes a Skype providing turn by turn directions in Subway.

Just using the voice commend or asking any questions, it will tell you: train schedules, warning potential hazard, even the details like “Be careful, there are 20 steps ahead”, “Be careful, you are close to the platform edge” etc., The ad explained very clearly step by step how the app works with different demonstrated scenarios in real life.

The music background and the narrative voice are so clear, also with the caption, pictures that keep the audience’s attention to continue watching and bring up the grateful emotion of the helpful product.

Objectives: Encourage the blinds feel easier and safer when using the app. This product helps them travel with more confident and independent when traveling in subway.

Target Market: All blinds, all the unable to see people who are travelling in subway in New York City.

Product Benefits: I think this is a great idea, great product and I hope it will expanded past the subway and into the streets someday. This is something that allows the blind to be one step closer to independence while travelling.

Product Value: The value is for all the blind people. I feels more like a public service product that I am sure was paid for either with grant money or as a handsome tax deduction for the subway system.


  1. #IAmStories: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/iamstories/

Description: This Multicultural ad that specifically interviewed successful actors, actresses, entrepreneurs. They are also Asian Americans, who are making a mark in industries such as entertainment, food and social media. They shared their work and life experiences to empower others, that not be afraid to get out there and make a good, positive life. The ad featured Asian Pacific American Heritage Month that the stories are continuing be inspired and inspire others, also make an impression and open door to other Asian Americans. The ad’s title said it all “IAmStories”, encourages people to tell their stories, then posts them on YouTube and or especially on #IAmStories website.

The ad also features that #IAM partner with CAPE and Verizon. It features a short “About CAPE” and “About Verizon” with their logos and websites.

The background music is joyful and fast, combined with different interviewees’ conversations and slice pictures/webpages that helped understand better the subject matter.

Objectives: To get people to become more publicly about whatever their passion is and share it with the world.

Target Market: All ages, all people in general. Everyone can learn and can be an inspiration to others.

Product Benefits: To make you feel good and to help others to make good life choices. This is a powerful call to action which encourages you to find a niche, share it and be happy. It also brings together Asian Americans to show their strengths and continue making an impact in their own industries.

Product Value: This is a very good ad that bring people together, uplift the self-esteem and encourages everyone, especially Asian Americans to tell their stories to others. Post it on #IAmStories, show the world what you can do, can learn and what other people can teach you. The ad was presented by Verizon – America’s Largest and Most Reliable 4G LTE Network, which helped the world connected.


  1. Respect – Discipline: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/respect-discipline/


Description: The Marines – The Pew. The Proud (with Marines logo). This 2:05 minutes ad won the Multicultural Excellent Award 2013. Recruiting ad for the U.S Marines. The successful people who earned leadership, respect, and discipline. Real people, real stories:

1st Lt David Oliver David – Public Affair Officer: He shared how he is successful in Leadership role as a U.S Marine officer. His culture, family, respecting people, the elders…For him, respect is both earn and imply. He earns respect by giving respect.

1st Lt David Pham – Infantry Officer: He is a Vietnamese American whose experience and inspirations from a refugee life, a hard worker and refugee Vietnamese mother. He learned to be independent at very young ages, hard work, strong self-discipline that helped him a lot to be in the Marines. He has been trained and training others by set himself good example to others, always keep uniform and booths clean, training with precise, perfection at anything they do to be always ready when transiting to combat.

The music and drums through the ad, so strong and intense also so humble feeling with the real and intensive training in the field. So inspiring people to make U.S marines and the country proud.

Ad Objectives: To show that if you become a Marine you will giving respect and earning the respect of your family and others around you.Inspiring and recruiting new young men for the respected and proud career.

Target Market: Multicultural young men and women who can join the Marines and make something out of themselves.

Product Benefits: To instill a feeling of power, acceptance, free education, future life of leadership.

Product Value: If you join the Marines, they will at their expense training you. You will make a life changing decision for the benefit of you and your family. Win-win situation for the right people.


  1. Open Your World: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/open-your-world/

Description: A screen with narration by a man who speaks Spanish, caption in English, with music in the background. It shows different people who is learning a new language with Rosetta Stone on computer: a man is learning on the porch, a woman is learning in the living room, an elderly woman is learning in the kitchen, a young man is learning in bed, a business man is learning at his desk office… This ad shows everyone can learn a new language at anytime and anywhere you can.

The ad pointed out the advantages if you know a new language, you will open your world, break barriers, being able to feel more sure about yourself, overcoming the obstacle of not being to communicate, reaching your goal, making your dreams come true, making new friends, close a deal, new opportunities for jobs etc., It also persuades you to not worry about pronunciation thanks to online tutors’ method.

Ad Objectives: With Rosetta Stone, you learn a second language in a manner that is faster and more effective.

Target Market: All people, all ages that can benefit from learning a new language.

Product Benefits: To sell Rosetta Stone. Learning experience and speaking more than one language will bring a life changing in a positive way and make a better world by understanding each other better.

Product Value: By buying the Rosetta Stone product, you can learn more, socialize better, make more money in business, travel with ease. Language is a gift of a life time. Rosetta Stone – The Power of Communication.



14 thoughts on “ENT 610 – “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment – Five TV Ads Analysis

  1. Hi Mary, I enjoyed all your TV ads, you were spot on with your analysis. The Dancing traffic lights are amazing and if I lived in a city that would be ideal to have at the crosswalk. I would not mind having one in Cherokee by the Casino to help people waiting to get pumped while the wait to come to an event. This was a very fun and entertaining commercial. Another great informative commercial that targeted the blind and helps provided them with a useful tool to navigate the subway. This would also be great to see this service spread so people that are blind can have more independence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comments,
      I agree that the crossing dancing traffic light would be fun at the Cherokee Casino. I would love to see it in Murphy also.
      How do you think the blind app would work at the Casino. mmmmmmmm Maybe its a business we can create?


  2. Hello Mary,

    I loved the Dancing Traffic Light ad. That would be so much fun to see that in a big city like NY. It definetely grabs peoples attention! The Lantern was eye opening. I have seen blind people on the subway but unless you are in their shoes you don’t know the full scope of what they go through. What a wonderful invention! The Lantern would make is so much easier for them to navigate the subway system. I agree with you about the expansion of this concept. The Respect add was very powerful. I can see how it wond the award. The Marines chose a great impact angle to put out their. I agree with the Rosetta Stone add that learning a 2nd language opens your world but just taking french in high school was more than I could handle however my daughter was very gifted in learning another language. Especially if you travel it would make things so much more interesting. You did a great job Mary.


  3. Hi Margaret,
    Thanks for your review.
    I especially want to comment on the Rosetta Stone comment. If after High School french you went and lived there for a year or two you would have appreciated it so much more. I also learned French on school and then moved there for 7 years before coming to the USA. Tell your daughter that learning languages get much simpler after you know 3.
    Have a great day,


  4. I liked how you took on some non-profit ads. All too often such ads are simply requests for money. So there isn’t much creativity (and instead a lot of guilt inspiring). I like how the Porter book says that non-profits have metrics just like for-profits, but the metric is how much impact they make for the money they spend (vs. profit). The ad choices show a non-profit can use marketing and humor and engagement to have a more direct impact. Perhaps the SuperBowl should let one of these folks have 30 second commercial for free.


  5. Mary,

    Okay, my favorite of all of your ads and analysis was the Dancing Light ad. It was worth the watch for sure. What a great idea. The point is to have as much fun in life as possible, isn’t it? I like that this company focuses on making the less enjoyable, enjoyable! It works to ad safety to the streets, I bet. Also, I like the Lantern ad. I could see how this type of feedback data could be used on a much larger scale for special needs groups of all types and beyond. Think about city information in general – walking tours, insider scoops, etc. I liked all of your ads, as they each have a message of breaking barriers! Great selection. Excellent analysis.



  6. Hi Brad,
    I agree where the non profit ads usually harp on negative sad ad campaigns. I do not think you will get super bowl giving away their ad space. That is pure profit loss they would be doing.


  7. Great job! I have to say my favorite was the dancing traffic light. Like, who comes up with these brilliant ideas. The commercial was delivering a powerful important message, but they made it fun so we could retain it better. I wish this idea was everywhere!


  8. Hi Mary,
    I enjoyed all your ad choices but the Dancing light was my favorite. I loved how it took something so simple like crossing the street and turned it into a movement. I think NYC could definitely use those lights. I cannot imagine navigating the subways in NYC blind, what a cool app and great ad. Good idea to present a Spanish Ad with the subtitles. It shows us all the possibilities for our own lives if we get out of our comfort zones.


  9. I enjoyed your ads and analysis, Mary. Well done. I thought Rosetta Stone’s approach was interesting. I had not considered that the Hispanic marketplace would be a key target to learn English using their tool. Most of my friends who have immigrated from Spanish-speaking countries tell me that they learned English from TV. This advertisement made me think more broadly about market opportunities that I might, by looking through my own lens of experience and perhaps privilege might overlook. Thank you for contributing to my learning this week.


  10. Hi Mary,
    I loved the dancing light and the idea behind it. It is so amazing to see how they used regular people’s dance moves to produce the dancing light. I think it is an overall great idea and especially to hear that 80% of pedestrians stopped to watch it. This creation truly can help save lives. I loved it!! The other commercial you talked about was the Multicultural ad for the Marines which I am so happy to hear you mention. My father is a former Marine and it makes me so happy and proud to hear others talk about who and what they have become in the Marine Corp. These young men in this video are great examples of the respect and disciple you can gain from entering the Marine Corp and giving back to others. Great post for all your ads! Thank you for sharing!!


  11. Hi Mary!

    Excellent post, as usual! I like the theme you chose of selecting more social-based ads. I think there is a big up-tick in the number of these ads that are being produced. Ultimately, if you can have someone join your cause, then you can have them as a customer or patron for quite some time. Not to mention, the amount of positive word-of-mouth publicity that comes from these fans is tremendously helpful.

    Again, good work here.


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