ENT 610 “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment – Five Radio Ads Analysis

  1. Dent: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/dent/

Description: This radio ad is only in 30 seconds but it conveys all the needed information. The ad starts off with a jingle type music, a little annoying but also funny catchy tune that inserts humor to get your attention. It is about a “huge frigging dent in your garage door” that you may have. The man (must be the husband and the father of the house) automatically blames this on his teenage daughter but realized that since it could not be her because she was at her friend’s house (he monitors her Facebook, explaining/singing in different funny voice), then it must be his wife who dented the garage door. He uses this as an excuse because he does not buy his wife any nice things.

Target Market: Home owners with garages and constructions, builders…

Ad Objective: The ad brings out the solution of how to fix a garage door at a cheaper price than most larger store, easy and quickly complete replace a garage door by buying directly at buy door direct.com

Call for action and product Value: The ad gets your attention, creates humor, and brings it home pointing out serious facts of how to save money by buying their product.

  1. Tomato: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/tomato-2/

Description: It’s a 30 seconds ad. Starts with a twilight type background music, a man and a woman’s romantic voices, whispering seductively.

Ad Objective: The whisper causes you to pay extra more attention and listen to the words closer. The ad brings across the message that Target has groceries to sell. It brings imagery of Chef Boyardee products like Beeffaroni…

Target Market: Anyone who shops for grocery.

Product Benefits and Value: The way she whispers makes it is like a luxury place to shop. It promotes grocery in general to be purchased at any Target stores. The everyday collection – buy Target!

  1. Too Old: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/too-old/

Description: It is funny but a little bit sad ad and gives you an alerting feeling. The ad brings up different scenarios and situations in life and while thinking about getting older, urging you to use their credit card now, not wait too long to think about paying your student loan debt off.

Ad Objective: It involves humor which is always attention getter, causing you to listen to what product that they are trying to sell. The in-flexion of the man’s voice brings the effectiveness of humor and the content he is try to convey. At the end, the snoring noise makes you smile.

Target Market:  Get college students, educated young people to use credit card and redeem the CitiBank thank you points to help them pay off their student loans while they are still young.

  1. Woodpecker: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/woodpecker/

Description: This 30 seconds ad commercial points out the different between a boring and dull radio commercial and an exciting attention getting commercial. It represents that an engaging radio commercial will get eight times more attention from the listeners than one that is not engaging, even with the same subject matter.

Ad Objective: This radio commercial is about selling more exciting radio commercial and that their product will help you market your product with more enthusiasm and get more people’s attention.

I like this short and sweet commercial and it makes me want to go to their engaging commercial website to see what products they offer.

To get your attention, they express with excited voices, uses different sound effects, and invoke your imagination.

Target Market: To all businesses that need to radio advertise products or services to others. Businesses that would benefit from exciting radio advertising.

  1. Henry: http://www.aef.com/ad-campaigns/henry/

Description: This commercial is representing a business man-Henry who is trying to save a little money by trying to do everything by himself. He prepares a bid presentation to the city council. He is printing, collating, copying, stapling, and putting together an entire presentation package himself, not properly proof read his work.

Ad Objective: This commercial is trying to show that Office Depot can help. Henry will have more time to make sure his presentation is perfect, save time and having an impressive bid documents. This will allow him to get a contract and make money for his company. Office Depot is the best choice for his business.

Target Market and Products Benefits: Business people who should spend more time doing business and not the manual time consuming repetitiousness of a job that Office Depot can help with.


24 thoughts on “ENT 610 “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment – Five Radio Ads Analysis

  1. The dent commercial is interesting. I agree the jingle is annoying. The dad is overbearing. The conclusion the wife did it because he didn’t buy her nice things, wow. That isn’t passive aggressive at all. The Target ad immediately reminds me of a romance novel. The use of whispers and seductive tones to talk about groceries is funny to me. The Citibank ad wants people; particularly young adults to think of paying off their student loan debt early in life. Good idea. They propose going into more debt by using your Citibank credit card to get points to pay down your loan. No mixed messages there. The engaging ads was interesting but didn’t make me want to go to their website. The Office Depot ad admonishes Henry for not using their services. If he did, he could have used the “spare time” they were printing his documents to review them one last time.


  2. Hi! You selected some interesting radio ads, that’s great! Here are my thoughts on the ads:

    1) Dent/Garage Doors: I think they tried to make it seem like real life, your daughter did it, oh no she didn’t because she’s not here, it must have been your wife. Maybe they could have delivered it in a better way.

    2) Target ad — I thought it was ok, but I wouldn’t have put the product with the voices, etc. it was too seductive to be a Target ad.

    3) Student Loan/Too Old: This was my favorite pick from your choices. I laughed a lot, especially when they said if you were too old and needed a golf cart for miniature golf. This ad made me think about my future and finances, the point right?

    4) Radio Ads: This was fine, but didn’t really make me want to go any further.

    5) Office Depot: I love it — great points on what you should and shouldn’t be doing for your small business. Funny and engaging, it’s like we’ve all been where Henry is.

    Good Job!


    • Hi Christina,

      I agree the Dent/Garage Door Ad was a little far off subject matter, especially with the comment about not buy his wife any nice things, it was just silly. 

      The Target Ad should be for jewelry or other products, not Chef Boyardee with their seductive voices.
      CitiBank/Student loan Ad, needing into credit card debt to pay the old student loan off. That is an oxymoron.
      Radio Ad: I agree with that it need to go bigger than life so people will listen.
      Office Depot: Yes, hopefully Henry learned from that mistake.


  3. Mary,
    I like how each radio ad offered something different. I enjoyed the Dent, Tomato, and Too Old radio ads the most.

    I actually like the annoying Dent Jingle because it is funny, catchy, relatable, and realistic. I also agree with your target market statement, and I would add builders and house flippers.

    You were spot on with the Tomato ad. At first listen, I thought it was going to be a commercial about diamonds or fragrance because that’s where Target pulled a page from.

    The Too Old was funny but ironic. You are asking the listener to pay off student loans with a credit card just to accrue more debt. I agree with Nicole, definitely sending mixed messages. Also, I agree with your target market, and I would add college graduates and employees graduate students.

    The Woodpecker ad was kind of perfect. It gave real examples what a difference engaging radio ads can make using the exact same message as an ad without sound effects to yield better results. I agree with your target market.

    The Henry ad was my least favorite because of the sarcastic monotone voice. It had a good overall point, but it is definitely one of those ads I would hear and change the channel.


    • Hi Tosh,

      Thank you for the comment. I agree with you on your observation. There is an ad (that I don’t like), that is currently airing on Fox News and CNN with an annoying voice of Jimmy for Zyppah – a stop snoring product, that also makes me change channel each time I hear them.



  4. Hi Mary,

    In reference to your garage door ad comment: I like how you described the ad. I see what they meant by the ad, but I found his comment at the end to be offensive. I know they are joking, but at a natural, response-level, it made me feel annoyed. I guess the good part is that you can save money on your purchase of a new garage door at their store, if the need arises. I bet it can be difficult for ad companies to find ways to reach their target audience (and to sell them garage doors). I would still recommend that they think of a bit more humorous way to reference the mother. Overall the ad was average in my opinion.

    Thanks again for the interesting post. I really enjoyed your response to it. As you mentioned, the more series matter is the financial savings that can occur by purchasing the garage door replacement at a better priced store.



  5. I like the Henry ad. It is very creative and gets the point across loud and clear. I thought Dent was good because it was a catchy and funny song. The ad used a v ery realistic example which makes it easy to relate to. I too thought the Too Old add was sad. I didn’t even get through listening to the entire add because of this. Woodpecker used good examples but for some reason was not my favorite. Tomato was my least favorite but maybe it is because whenever I tried to grocery shop at Target they never had what I was looking for therefore I do not grocery shop their. It was always a frustrating experience for me.


    • Margaret,
      I appreciate you leaving a comment on my radio ads.
      Henry ad is good and I agree there but the Dent in the Garage Door had a comet that I didn’t think was so funny about not buying the wife gifts is why the door is dented. The jingle is catchy.
      I like happy ads and not sad ads myself so when I see them try to get an emotional response trough old people or pets and animals in other country’s it makes me want to shut it off.


  6. Nice analysis. Your review really makes it clear how important storytelling is, not just to radio ads but apparently especially for radio ads since in that situation you have no visual cues and our earliest language was aural storytelling. I wonder would people write better video ads if they first had to do them as radio ads, then do what you did (ask a customer to summarize it into a story) then produce the script for the video.

    I also like your emphasis on emotion. Each is trying to manipulate some kind of emotional response via the emotion of the actors as well as situation (e.g., smashed garage door). Your comments help me see that in my own aural-only marketing creation I should define those elements up front that is what emotions the story will convey via the 1) auditory component and 2) the situation.


    • Brad,
      Yes, I feel that any ad does or should try to stir an emotion. I personalty like the ones that make me feel good, loved, happy or just make me laugh the best. Distressed animals and depressing ads trying to beg for money is always so sad.
      Thanks for commenting


  7. The ads analyses of each ad were right. You described each one in detail. The target markets were clear on who they were targeting. The ad for “Dent” was humorous. Although, I was a little surprised they threw in there he does not buy his wife nice things. The jingle was not one that is catchy, sick tune. The ad for “Tomato” was weird. It did not entice me to go to Target for groceries. Your analysis was excellent and gave a clear view of the ad. The “Too Old” is funny but can be realistic because many of us are paying for college at older ages. Your analysis gives good details about the ad, and I like how you also pointed out the snorting because it does make me smile. The forth ad for “Woodpecker” is also a good ad for review. Your analysis explained well what they were working towards and to whom they were aiming for their audience. I agree that it was intriguing and did have me wanting to know more about their products. The fifth ad for “Henry” was a straightforward and decent for review. Your analysis was excellent and your Target Market was too. The ad was created to show how one man can’t do everything without making mistakes, great job!!


  8. I liked your ad selection! I feel like your deliverable met the objective of the assignment without checking every box (some of the boxes are obvious and do not need to be explained). Curious, do you and Big Frank do any local radio advertising for the real estate business?


    • Hi Tabitha,
      I appreciate your observation of my radio assignment.
      Yes, Big Frank has done a few ads in the past and did his own voice overs. He is about to do 3 new ones and thinking of adding a jingle.
      I think he will surprise me on this.


  9. Hi Mary, within just a few seconds of listening to any one of the five ads an emotion is evoked. Whether it be frustration, seduction, gloomy, or uplifting these ads have a way to connect to the listeners within seconds. Although they may not be politically correct they can be moderately humorous. I think Targets Grape Tomato ad sounds more like a Victoria Secret ad than any Chef Boyardee commercial I’ve ever heard, making their ad target more towards women and men trying to find a date in the grocery aisle. You never know maybe Target will start a dating site.


  10. Hi Sabrina,
    I agree with you. But I do not think that Target will start a dating site.
    My husband says that years ago and it maybe still is that Wal-Mart was a place on Friday and Saturday to meet single especial in the electronic and music/Video section. You would see people dress up at night to go there.


  11. Hi Mary,
    Good analysis on the ads. I loved the first ad from Dent even with the bit of sarcasm about the wife. Perhaps it is because my car recently hugged a large rock and now has a new dent. It made me laugh right away and I preferred that ad to the Target ad. I got lost in the voices and actually missed that it was for Target. I would have immediately switched the station on the Citibank ad. I just found it to be an annoying idea of “too old” and if you have student loan debt, using a credit card to rack up points might lead to more debt. I thought the engaging ad was very engaging and effective. In the last ad it reminded me of similar ads I listened to that used a character to make their point. I just thought it took too long to get to their point.


  12. Hi Mary,

    You choose some great ads for this analysis! I especially liked the student loan ad. I thought that was absolutely hilarious and brilliant. Maybe the student doesn’t admit it out loud, but back in their minds, sometimes they probably do wonder “am I EVER going to pay off these loans?” I hope the creators of this ad can really help them.

    Also, I see that you picked the tomato ad that I also picked – we must have good taste in advertising! I like it when an ad borrows from a different genre to shake things up.

    Great job,


  13. Hi Mary
    Thanks for sharing – I think you did a good job analyzing each ad. I really enjoyed the Targets ad – I do believe that Target has any and everything. I do think the target market is for anyone – its a cool, hip store for the Teens; its a family store – for the family life; its a store for the business lady and man – as you mentioned it is a luxury store.
    I also enjoyed the Dent ad – This is something I would think – my teenage kids did this. Oh yeah. lol But, I believe target market is right on point.

    Good job!


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