ENT 601 – Week 4 Blog by Mary Schuler

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ENT 601 – Week 4 Blog Assignment by Mary Schuler

Who Are the Best Customers for Your Products?

As we discuss in the previous blog that sustaining innovations to the growth of existing business are critical. A disruptive strategy offers a much higher probability of success in building new-growth business. And instead of targeting the segment market that meets customer’s needs, they rather pursue  along the lines for which data are available.

You need to know which customers base will be the most valuable foundation for the future growth? And how should we reach them? You want customers who have long wanted your products but were not able to get one until you arrive on the scene. You want to be able to easily delight these customers, and you want them to need you. You want your customers to be so attracted to those you work with that everyone in your network is motivated to cooperate in pursuing the opportunity.

“We believed from the start that if we brought the customer quality merchandise at the right price and offered excellent service, we could changer retailing in the United States.” Said Bernie Marcus, Co-founder of The Home Depot. These innovative co-founders Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank stated that they wanted to make The Home Depot the Sears Roebuck of the home-improvement industry, a lot people laugh at them.

They are not laughing now because Home Depot is a formattable competitor in the market place in the USA.


Mary Schuler


The Innovator’s Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth – by Christensen, Clayton M. and Michael E. Raynor, 2003


5 thoughts on “ENT 601 – Week 4 Blog by Mary Schuler

  1. Mary you have again hit valuable points of growing your business. Yes your customer base will be one of the most valuable foundations for future growth. I am in definitely in agreement with your post that the needs of the customer is what I believe is “King”. That simple means that the customer is important and needs to be taken care of with the presentation of a quality product .

    Great Post!



  2. I’m trying to connect the two. Did the book mention how Home Depot chose to go after the small contractor (vs. say Lowes). The way they set up the store it seems clear that that is the customer they want, not the average weekend project kind of person


  3. I know the idea of pursuing which customer base is best for future growth and the foundation of our businesses. I like how you worded the supply and demand portion of what you provide. It is important to create a sense of relief when our companies arrive on the scene – as if where have you been all of this time. Imagine the iPhone – when this arrived everyone was asking where has this device been all my life! When the right product arrives, it cannot get there fast enough. Dazzling the customer is the fun part, isn’t it? I like the community consideration you write about. Thanks for this post-Mary.


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