ENT 630 Week 7 Blog – Make People Feel Special

An individual can make a difference, every day, and every moment, especially as an entrepreneur in a business. It doesn’t matter how large or even how ineffective an organization is. YOU can make a difference. Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional in your life. For example, as a senior executive casino host, my job at casino is to provide great and consistent services to the VIP guests/customers. It is important to make them feel special. Building good relationship, create loyalty, and make positive differences with customers is an opportunity to help make the guest’s trip more enjoyable and memorial experience.

In a world where it’s easy to focus on ourselves, our goals, our desires, and our plans, it is important to take time to see, inspire and acknowledge the people around you. As an entrepreneur with good leadership, you are an openminded person and go out of your way to recognize what’s special about a high-performance employee, client and have encounters with everyone. Through your attention, kindness, and generosity, you can bring out the best in them. You just do it without expecting anything in return because you enjoy making people feel good. You must see the good in them, knowing that they deserve it.

There are many ways you can light up someone’s day, at home, at work, anywhere with your kindness and grace. Here are some tips to make someone you met feel special:

* Pay attention: Watch for people who do things with flair (not to confuse with showing off or trying to attract attention.); Look directly into their eyes when they’re talking. Knowing their preferences, for example when booking casino hotel room for the guests, I should have known their room type reference (king bed or double bed, smoking or non-smoking, what tower they like…); Recognize and show them you care for them; Sincere compliment on their appearance such as “It is beautiful you hair done”; Ask about their hobbies and passions; Compliment them often such as “you did a good job on the project I assigned to you.” Just something simple but sincere will make them feel good.

* See potential: Tell them you believe they can achieve their dream, and why; Recognize, acknowledge their skills and talents; Ask them questions to help them make a difference; Encourage them to go for something they want but are scared to pursue; Comfort them after a failure or misstep; Ask them to teach you something they excel at; Offer to teach them something you know they’ve wanted to try; Support them to help them get started on their dream.

*  Give generously: Take time to listen, to support, or to just enjoy each other’s company; Give them your approval; Give them credit for something they were right about; Give them the opportunity to shine in front of others; Give them your honest opinion etc.,

It is so true that a simple gesture, a small praise, an appreciation can make people feel special, especially in the workplace, win-win situation and you just gain but no loose. As Steven Schussler said in his book: It’s a Jungle in There, “a little praise can go a long way in creating goodwill and motivating team members in your organization.”

A story of Jim Cathcart, author of The Acorn principle and CEO of the Cathcart Institute, Inc.  “A few year ago, I was travelling through the airport in Atlanta, GA. At the food court, I stopped for a breakfast snack only to be confronted by thousands of fellow travelers also stopping to eat there. The place was packed! Every table had people standing nearby waiting to take over seats on a moment’s notice.

As I stood sipping my coffee and eating a muffin, I notice a busboy cleaning the table. He was sadly slumped over and looked defeated and depressed. He dragged himself slowly from table to table, clearing the trash and wiping the tabletops. He made eye contact with no one, and just watching him, I started becoming depresses!

I caught myself mid-emotion and said to myself, “Somebody has to do something about this.” So, I did. I disposed of my trash and walked over to the busboy. I tapped him on the shoulder (which made him recoil as if he had been caught in a crime.)

“What you are doing here sure is important,” I said.

“Huh?” he replied.

I repeated myself and added, “If you weren’t doing what you are doing, it wouldn’t be five minutes before there was trash everywhere, and people would stop coming in here. What you are doing is important, and I just wanted to say thanks for doing it.” Then I walked away.

He was in shocked. (Perhaps no one had ever spoken to him that way before.) When I had walked about ten feet, I turned and looked back at him. The time it had taken me to travel just that distance, I swear he had grown six inches! He was standing straighter, almost smiling, and ever looking some people in the eyes. Now he had become “Service Man,” spreading cheer and goodwill. He was merely working a bit more effectively and no longer looking depressed.

My simple acknowledgement of his worth had raised his opinion of himself in that role.”

Jim helped that busboy see the bigger picture of his importance. And that wasn’t all. During that workday, the busboy probably met hundreds of people, all of whom were traveling somewhere to interact with still more people. No double some of the busboy’s heightened sense of self-worth “infected” the people around him, and those good vibes radiated to others in distant locations. “Even the smallest gestures make the world a better place.”


Schussler, Steven, and Marvin Karlins. It’s a Jungle in There: Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring. New York: Union Square Press, 2010. Print.

The Fred Factor of Mark Sanborn, 2004



6 thoughts on “ENT 630 Week 7 Blog – Make People Feel Special

  1. Mary,

    I agree with you that the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact. And it can be a chain reaction, like a ripple effect of kindness. Like the movie pay it forward. If people are nice to you then you want to be nice to others, its human nature. I really enjoyed your story of making the busboys day brighter.



  2. Mary you have done an excellent job with your post. Yes it boils down to living a joy filled life I like the quot ” Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional in your life.” That is so true. Making people feel special will at some point be returned, grant we don;t do it for that but it feels good.



  3. “it is important to take time to see, inspire and acknowledge the people around you.”
    This may be my new mantra. You’ve given some solid advice in this post, Mary, and that in itself is very inspiring. I love the story of your encouraging words to the busboy. These random acts of kindness will stay with people throughout their lives.


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