ENT630 – Week 4 Blog Topic: Chapter 12 – On Marketing: Customers Won’t Buy What They Don’t Know Exists

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ENT630 – Week 4 Blog

Topic: Chapter 12 – On Marketing: Customers Won’t Buy What They Don’t Know Exists

Selling product or service is to show the world what you have and how you handle to make customer loyal and happily come back to you.

No matter what kind of business you are have, you face big and small challenges every day. One of the main and big challenge is you are trying to sell your products and or services to the clients or consumers. Who are they? How to find them or make them find you?

You need marketing! But why? “Is marketing a significant part of your entrepreneurial plan?”, asked Steven Schussler, in his book It’s a Jungle in There.

Per Steven Schussler, “on marketing: customers won’t buy what they don’t know exists”. For most entrepreneurs, marketing is considered the “softer” side of any business plan. Yet without a well-executed marketing strategy, your business will never be as successful as it could be.

You can see people/company out there with so many great ideas, savvy ideas and even nutty ideas, for example “Pet Rock”. “Success or failure isn’t always determined by the quality of what you produce or provide; it is also a function of public awareness that your product or service is out there and available for purchase”, said Steven Schussler. “I certainly recognize the importance of marketing for achieving success, and so should you”. Keep in mind, marketing challenges your creativity. It’s fun and compelling. For many entrepreneur, it’s also the most confusing, expensive and upsetting aspect of running their businesses.

It is not so squishy or confusing if you realize that the only way to judge whether something is working is to track, measure and carefully monitor every marketing gimmick you try. If you spend money doing something zany without determining whether it’s working, you may as well toss the money out the window.

It is so important to know the different between marketing, advertising and public relations (PR), to know which to use, and when can save you time, aggravation and money:

  • Marketing: involves a myriad of creative promotional campaigns to push your products.
  • Advertising: paying for space in a newspaper or magazine or buy time on a radio station, television or website.
  • Public relations: often the most misunderstood form of promoting your business, involves getting your company or products mentioned in the media.

For conclusion, here is the quote from Jane Applegate, a busy and successful entrepreneur, author of 201 Great Ideas for your Small Business: “My secret of success is to know my market better than anyone else. I live and breathe the entrepreneurial life!”


Schussler, Steven, and Marvin Karlins. It’s a Jungle in There: Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring. New York: Union Square Press, 2010. Print.

Jane Applegate. Strategies for Small Business Success. 1995


2 thoughts on “ENT630 – Week 4 Blog Topic: Chapter 12 – On Marketing: Customers Won’t Buy What They Don’t Know Exists

  1. Hi Mary!

    Nice work, I think that marketing really is an interesting thing. Like you mentioned, even the crazy products out there that one person might see as useless (pet rock) can become big successes. When you think about it, it comes down less to actual value and more to perceived value. If the perception of value is there and the person believes it, then the product or service will indeed be valuable to them even if other people out there see it as useless.

    Good article!


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