ENT 630 – Week 2: “I Dream…Therefore I can”



I am inspired with this topic. I dream…

In Vietnam, everyone can sell, anything, as soon as they can bring profit (financial gain) home at the end of the day. “Markets” are everywhere with any forms, sizes and shapes. There are rules and regulations but somehow not really stable and clear, mostly following “Jungle Laws” as people call it. I grew up and spent years of schools in Vietnam, I experienced myself and others how the people interpreted the word “Dream” and “Ambition”. I remembered when I was young, I told my sister that one day instead of selling vegetables at the market, I want to sell real estate, drive a car instead of a motorcycle or bicycle…She laughed so hard and said I’m silly and I’m too ambitious. Back then in Vietnam, I learned the word “Dream” and “Ambition” that means you are too greedy and unrealistic.  I don’t think that neither bad or negative, it is just a culture of thinking, based on life circumstances such as rich people can be considered as bad people.

Now that I am in America I keep that word and dream in my mind but still searching why can’t I dream such thing and or express freely my dream? Is it truly bad or silly? Should I continue to think that way or should I change my dream?… I carry all of these questions with me during my further education and hit the real world with jobs and responsibilities. Till now, living in this country that I call my second home, I realize that I love the word “Ambition” and “Dream”. For me it is a start with a seed that wants to grow into a tree and I want to find a way to “shoot for the stars”!

The truth is, however, that those who succeed in any aspect of life have not allowed those influences to keep their dreams and desires hidden. They have dug them up, faced their fears, taken risks, failed, gotten up, again, and found that they could indeed build a beautiful building.

When I came to America, I never thought that I would be a realtor and have a professional job. With business experience and carry the dream with me from Vietnam, my seed of becoming a realtor planted even stronger because of my husband and his passion of real estate. I started helping him out a few days a week and I wanted to learn more. Continuing to work with my husband for other 3 years, went back to school 3 times and became licensed real estate broker. With English not being my first language and I have to learn the concepts with term-logy of Real Estate laws that totally new to me and was so exciting to learn. Did I “think big”? for others, maybe it is not big but for me, surely, yes it was BIG.

Everyone has a dream but not all never thought that it was big or unrealistic. Keeping “positive thinking attitude” (page 36, It’s a Jungle in There – Personality) is a part of keep a dream alive. Dream comes first and along with an existing entrepreneurial spirit, for some it like natural but for some it just happened to realized that you need more education to know how to value the dream and “bring your dream to fruition” (page 37, It’s a Jungle in There – Personality)

I believe we are given a heart full of choices, treasure and talent, feeling and desires, in short – potential realities. God has granted us a heart, mind and soul full of potential realities for whatever our situation might be. With entrepreneurship and career pursuits, our job is to dig up whatever potential we have in whatever situation we are in, then to invest in it and see it grow. The choice is whether we are going to allow fear and experience to keep our potential buried or choose to step out in faith and see what potential can turn into reality.

“Those who succeed in life can’t ignore their hearts, minds and souls.”



“It’s A Jungle in There” of Steven Schussler

“9 Things You Simply Must Do to success in Love and Life” of Dr. Henry Cloud


8 thoughts on “ENT 630 – Week 2: “I Dream…Therefore I can”

  1. So glad that you are making your dreams and ambitions a reality. Someone once said that dreams are just thoughts until you put them into action. Entrepreneurs are a special breed that act on their dreams and desires to make the world a better place.


    • Thank you MO for your comment.
      I just want to sharing a little bit of my own experience and understand that sometimes it takes time or even don’t know when to see the fruit of my effort and labors, but it’s worth to keep dream alive and don’t give up.



  2. Inspiring read!!. I appreciated and learned from your candidness. There isn’t anything greedy or unrealistic about dreams and ambition, unless one chooses to make it so. I am stepping out on faith to – as your post states “ see what potential can turn into reality”. I am so encouraged by your post. I wish you continued success.



  3. Mary, thanks for making a personal connection to this blog post and including your cultural background and experiences. I am at my happiest when I am learning and experiences other cultures. I look forward to knowing more about Vietnam through your blogs.


  4. This was certainly an interesting read! I encourage you to do all that you can to make your dreams turn into a reality. I frequently think about those in this world that do not have the opportunities that I do and this motivates me even more! I wish you the best of luck in the real estate business.


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  5. Thank you Chris for the encouragement and kind words!
    The opportunity here is plenty but that does not make any them any less scary. There are so many things I can do and I would like to do but with my husband in real estate is why I’m gone in that direction. It’s fun to do things as a team!



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