Make your dream come true: Own a Mountain Home!

124664_5People say that the dream is to have a home on the ocean and one in the mountains. We try to help you with that dream. This is why so many of our clients are from Florida. Florida offers many water property and activities that the tropics offer.

One day drive from anyplace in Florida leaves you in the mountains of North Carolina. One of the most popular places to visit and live in Murphy NC. It offers a full 4 seasons and is as far south as you can go and still hope for the snow in the winter. Rivers, Lakes, Trails, Casino, Fishing, white water rafting, Antiques, History and the list goes on. Within a 2 hour drive of 5 major cities and yet in the middle of nowhere. 2 hours NE of Atlanta and you are in a different world.

Have you lost friends from Florida? No idea what happened to them? Come to Murphy NC and stop in the coffee shop downtown or the Irish Pub, you will find your friends again.

We look forward to seeing you’all!

Lil Mary


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