Entrepreneurship-passion for success

Money is an important part. Entrepreneurship is not mostly about money. It is about passion for what you are doing. It makes you going home late, waking up early in the morning and working on weekend.
There is no 40 hours work week as they would be for a common worker. You do what ever it takes. It is a passion for success.
So many possibilities can be for selling a product or idea as soon as the idea is marketable. It can be done in many levels. I heard a story of  a man from Leesburg FL, who raised a family of 4, putting 2 kids through college from selling hot dogs in a parking  lot for over 20 years, from a stainless steel cart.
People expected to see him there at the same spot, every day so they can have lunch.
He had a heart and passion of an entrepreneur, come rain or shine.
Lil’ Mary


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship-passion for success

  1. great insight into entrepreneurship. i agree, its not always about making money but rather doing something you love and being able to take care of your family.


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