Welcome to Cherokee County, a special place in the southwestern corner of North Carolina where the forested mountains touch the sky, the lakes sparkle, the air is crisp and clean, and the charm of small town America still exists.


The Western North Carolina Regional Airport is listed at 1,699

The county’s highest elevation is at 5,149 feet. (Where Cherokee and Clay counties meet near Tusquitee Bald at Fires Creek.)

The county’s lowest elevation is listed as 1,170 feet.  (Where Apalachia Lake crosses into Tennessee.)

County Land

The 466-square-mile county encompasses 300,100 acres, with 92,363 of that U.S. Forest Service Land.

The acreage of the county encompasses 7,190 acres of lake, 38,887 acres of farm land and 6,000 acres Indian Land.


Hiwassee Lake is a 6090 acre lake.  The lake is 22 miles long, has over 163 miles of shoreline, approximately 7 percent of which has development of some form.  It collects water from a 968 square-mile watershed. Appalachia Lake is a 1100 acre lake.  The lake is 9.8 miles long, has 31 miles of shoreline, and collects rainfall from a 1018 square-mile watershed.


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