Mary Schuler ENT 610 Week 6_Five Outdoor Advertising Analysis

  1. Seat Belt


This is a billboard but not just an average billboard but a 3 D billboard.  It is a service ad that says to buckle up even if you’re in the back seat. With the sling shot being installed many feet in front of the billboard it makes it an eye catcher and adds a bit of humor.

The objective here is to wake up the public to tell the people in the back seat to buckle up. It shows that in an accident it will still toss you forward and hurt you if you don’t.

This ad targets anyone who drives or riding in the back seat from children to adults.

This ad it trying to get all drivers to realize that your rear seat passengers can get serious injuries in an accident just like people in the front seat if not strapped in. If the back-seat people do not buckle up it’s the driver that needs to tell them to do so.

By doing so (buckling up) you will save injuries and life if there should be an accident.

2. Folgers


This is a man cover in the city with steam constantly coming out of the cover. By painting it to look like a cup of coffee Folgers has made a nothing into a something. It also gives the as a 3 D look.

By doing this it makes everyone who sees it smile and probably take a big sniff to see if they can smell the coffee. Even through there is a disappointment of no coffee smell you should now want a nice hot cup of coffee now.

This ad is asking all coffee drinkers to think about them, to think about a nice hot cup of Folgers coffee. With this ad, they will.

The value of this product is that it helps you wake up in the morning and keep you going mid-afternoon when it’s hard to get through the work day. The actual coffee has a great aroma and usually is a feel-good product for most users.

  1. BIG FRANK (Do you know BIG FRANK!) Realtor @ Exit Realty

2016 BF Red Billboard

OK, this is my favorite ad because it is my husband.

This is an ad for a Realtor/Broker (Big Frank @ Exit Realty) in a small town (Murphy NC) trying to get name recognition.

It is important to know that for 4 years he had furniture truck, signs, roofs at a big flea market, garages, 46-foot box trailer, 12-foot box trailer (rolling billboard) that he would lend to his clients that all said, “DO YOU KNOW BIG FRANK?”

This would create a question in many people’s mind on who this person is. As they find him he would always have a PRIZE to give them along with a card and introduction.

Branding his shirts like a uniform and daily driving truck with the name BIG FRANK it would allow many people to find him. The prize might be a hat, coffee cup, pen, bumper sticker that all said “YES, I KNOW BIG FRANK”.

This game went on for 4 years with people going to the Chamber of Commerce or through a drive thru or at Lowe’s and ask everyone who is BIG FRANK?  Over 1600 gifts with business cards where given out in the last 4 years. The Success of this ad campaign was hi and will allow business for many years to remember him when the Real-Estate need arises.

NAME RECOGNITION in this community is important and BIG FRANK has it more than most. The beauty of this is only the first person who does it works and no one else can copy it without looking silly.

Now it is time for people to know who “BIG FRANK” is and where to find him.  Two   billboards went up this year as you see so people can solve this mystery created. One on the main Hwy into town from many major cities and one that was going up to a new Cherokee Indian Casino (Harrah’s Casino) in Murphy NC. These are the billboards that you see.

This ad has been very successful for BIG FRANK and it has increased his income. What the future holds because of this campaign is unknown but will be on the positive side for sure. People who has not seen him for 15 years come to town and call him because of name recognition.

He has created a local famous stardom quality especial among children that want to meet him. He even had a lady call to let him know her sons first words he read by himself was this slogan.

  1. Tiernitos Dog Food


This is a fun ad for animal lovers that shows how Tiernitos dog food and treats drive dog’s crazy. I think the slogan is very eye catching.

This ad should make people want to buy their product because it shows all dogs goes crazy over their food and is healthy and that makes the product a winner.

They want to appeal to all pet (dog) owners.

If you buy their product they are representing that the dogs will go crazy over it and love the taste.

5. Alexander’s Land & Sea Grille


Here is a billboard that is enticing you to come eat with them because they guarantee that the seafood will be fresh because it is flown in daily. The way the plane looks like it is flying out of the billboard is an eye catcher.

To bring people into the restaurant is why they promote the freshness.

They are trying to communicate to anyone who loves fresh seafood and if you’re not on the ocean that will be important.

This billboard is asking all who see it, all who want fresh seafood to come and try them and enjoy.

Value is that they represent that their seafood is the freshest in town and you need to eat here to get the best.

Mary Schuler ENT 610 Week 5_Five Magazine Ad Analysis

  1. GOLDFISH Crackers


Here we have a goldfish cracker ad. Salty cheese crackers in the shape of a fish. These have been around since 1997 being produced by Pepperidge Farms a division of the Campbell Soup Company. They wanted to make soup more fun with the cracker fish to put in soup.

The real cheese being grated represents the flavor and adding color added enjoyment and eye appeal for people. It’s not only for soup any more. People just enjoy eating them as a snack.

They are targeting all ages who like eating crackers, chips or any other salty snack.

This is an eye-catching ad with a lot of white space and gives you images of a real cheese taste. They want you to buy this product as an impulse buy or to keep around for any time.

It is fun to float in your soup as a kid and you remember that as an adult. It is a quick inexpensive snack to hold you over to the next meal or stop the stomach grumbles if needed.

Salty snacks have always been for many people a must have.

  1. Animal Human Society


This ad brings attention to the animal humane society and a little of what they do. They post their web site to entice you to look more about them. It brings to mind to adopt,volunteer,donate. They show a Macaw bird which is an interesting choice because normally you think of just dogs and cats. This ad makes you realize that there is a lot more to the humane society than just dogs and cats.

They are trying to appeal to anyone who is an animal lover or likes the thought of supporting their society either through time, money or to adopt a loving pet for enrichment in your life.


  1. Dove Body Silk


Dove has an entire line of skin products like soaps and lotions. This ad shows a nice and inviting body silk (lotion) product in colors that makes you think of creamy vanilla. They want to offer a line that will make your skin, cleaner, smoother, healthier which is what all people want especially women.

Women, Children, Men, anyone who has skin Dove wants their product to appeal to you.  They want you to make your skin better than before. To keep it smoother and younger as the years pass. Notice the one marketing tool that was done many years ago was to start calling produce BODY wash or body lotion to get the people to use the product on their entire body and not just face or hands etc.

This is a good product that people like and feel like it is of quality. It gives you soft and silky skin. Notice how the word SILKY gives you imaginations of what a baby’s skin use to feel like. Who would not want that as an adult.

  1. Michelin Tire


This is the Michelin Tire Guy. They sell tires in many countries and for many different type of viechles. Notice all the product they show you at the bottom of the page. They are known for quality.  Michelin tire hope to represent with this ad that if you use their tires you and your family will be safer. Even though you can’t read the ad if you do not know the language this ad brings across everything that it should.

They are wanting to offer this to any one or company that drives a viechle of any kind.

They want you to think of your work, family, safety, and to choose their high-quality product.

It is known that Michelin is not the cheapest produce at all but they do last and keep safety in mind and have studies to back it up.

  1. International Coffees

Suisse Mocha Ad 1986

International Coffees in an instant quality coffee with flavors to arouse your taste buds.

This ad has many objectives and offers many thoughts to the right people

Here they are targeting men or women, business people who get up early and need to clear their head quick to enjoy the paper and a little ME TIME in the morning.

HOW TO CIVILIZE 7a.m. says it all. Showing the watch and briefcase, newspaper all says to get a new day started and to have it under control from your first coffee.

The value of this produce is to make someone look forward to 7a.m. and to help them get their day started off on the right foot.

ENT 610 – “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment Five Newsprint Ads Analysis – by Mary Schuler

  1. Calvert Whiskies 1937:

8.-vintage-newspaper-adThis is the ad for Calvert whiskies, one of the top design vintage ad in 1937. The puppy’s sad eyed Peke representing a hang over after drinking a cheap whisky, opposite with the Schnauzer dog who was with a smiling face. The conversation between them was fun and conveyed the product’s message:

The Peke says, “I’ll be doggoned, pard — (Definition CHUM, BUDDY) 

 My head feels like a St. Bernard!”

The Schnauzer says, “You failed last night to call for CALVERT. Serves you right!”

This was a fun ad and the cute pets was always an eye catcher. Men can easily relate to the “dog house”.  The hurting dog was a hangover because of drinking cheap alcohol. To have a clear head you need to drink Calvert Whiskies, a high-quality whisky that should not cause the pain the next morning.

The play of words and images tie together that helped the product even more eye catching and more understanding to the readers. The conversation and the look of the Peke and the Schnauzer showed as an advice and the solution to enjoy a fun night and still have a clear head, “call for Calvert Whiskies”.

Buy better whiskies. Short and clear slogan. Have a fun night and the next day you still keep a clear head and “don’t feel “in the dog house” …tomorrow!”

This relates to any whisky customer who needs to buy quality whisky.

The design and the look of the ad was fascinating when looking back in the early times. This cool vintage newsprint ads showed the evolution of the advertising industry and they know what their customers wanted back then. It is still popular nowadays using the cute animals for advertisement.


  1. Dr. J.S. Frost 1912:


The newsprint ad for Dr. J.S. Frost from 1912 was depicting a little boy with a big smile and a missing tooth. This little boy looks very much like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine in the 60s. It was said that back in time, many early dentists used a similar looking little boy in their ads.

The ad did not have any phone number, no address made you realized that back then Dr. J. S. Frost was in a small town and everyone knew everyone.

This ad showed people that pulling a tooth did not have to be painful any more. Below the boy’s image was a saying “It didn’t hurt a bit” as a guarantee. Notice how the dentist incorporated the disclaimer “If your tooth is not abcessed and your gums swollen”. Also, notice the negative word in there was “abcessed” had been intentionally misspelt and hyphenated. (The corrected word should be “abscessed” – my opinion). Looked like people back in that time was not able to read so well and would naturally skip over that word while looking at this ad.

Dr. J.S. Frost was trying to drum up his business of all ages and showed he had a more modern facility where his customers might expect less pain, especially for children, getting a tooth pulled before it goes abscessed is best solution. The ad started with one word “Toothache” then bought up the questions “Why have toothache?” ( notice the small H that was an eye catcher) and “Have you ever seen false teeth with natural looking gums? Then here was the solution “We make them. They look good”. It helped the customers decide to come see him whenever they have a toothache.

This ad showed the value of having healthy and good looking teeth and not to worry when dealing with a tooth problem.


  1. Stronger  ME / WE:


The first look is a big ME. Just naturally eye catching and made you curious and keep reading. This ad is about public service, about marriage. It is a powerful message with few words. It gave you a question of “How to Build a lasting Relationship” and the instruction by doing two steps:

  1. Cut on dotted line.
  2. Rotate 180 degrees.

Why cut it? Do you actual cut it like cutting a coupon form a Magazine? It made you think and the new word immediately created in your mind, a big WE. The light bulb came on and it made sense regarding “how to build a lasting relationship”. Stronger marriage needs more than one party to build, from ME to WE, you are now a team member of WE team and no longer a selfish, all about yourself ME. Treating a marriage like a WE will build a better, stronger marriage between couples.

This designed ad was simple and looked like a game but it brought up a profound message. It did not use many words, plenty of white space on the whole page and neutral background color that made you more focus and meditate what does the WE mean.

At the bottom of the ad was more than just an advice “If you want a Stronger Marriage, Work on it together”. Encourage the readers to visit their website. The logo was formed from two wedding rings together that was very strong symbol of marriage and the website address to finish the ad. Over all, a very clear ad.

The objective of this ad is to try to help and bring married couples together right from the beginning. To avoid problems that they see and must work with by putting out different messages to teach young couples the right recipes for a successful relationship.

Marketing to young couples this way will help the people to find the tips and resources to learn and improve the health of a relationship and family. Help lower the percentages of divorce and violence that can occur when couples are unhappy in their relationship.

By becoming a happier married couple through education and working together can also turn out healthier children who will be better adjusted and will live a fuller happier life and pass that on to their children.

The Value of a public service announcement like this can help for generations and affect many families if they just get to the right people and teach them how to build and keep the lasting relationship together.


  1. So Friendlyable 1964:


So Friendlyable! was this Disneyland’s heading. Now is Friendlyable a word? From my research, it is not a proper word yet but was created once upon a time by a Walt Disney Productions marketer and stuck right up to today. They still print T shirts with this word on it. This is a cute eye catching ad that represents FUN.

This ad was to attract all ages, especially children to a simpler way of fun and to create imagination and HAPPINNESS. The captain with his big smile, waved his had to welcome you. Just made you excited and wanted to bring the family to Disneyland and enjoy the day.

The benefit of going to Disneyland is that it is “The Happiest Place on Earth”. This leads you to believe that it will make you and your family happier which we all know is a priceless commodity in a family unit.

Amusement parks and family entertainment destinations were and still are so important. It brings value to the family’s health and happiness to go to a place like Disneyland and that is so important.


  1. Thomas Health System:


Here is an ad of Thomas Health System – Women’s Services. This ad had a lot of information and well organized and designed ad. Showing the Women Services available by two of the region’s most trusted names in care: Saint Francis Hospital and Thomas Memorial Hospital.

Right at the middle of the ad, a slogan “My hospital listens to women” next to a smiling woman’s face was eye catching and made you feel this was the place. Notice the word women and how they made the me stand out showing that they cared about YOU. This women services experience is all about me as a woman and that is what any woman wants to feel.

With this ad, Thomas Heath Systems company hoped to bring in women who need or want to learn more about the services that the two hospitals specialize in and had to offer. All these services are necessary and the thought of “one stop shopping” comes to mind. If these two hospitals can get any woman in there for one condition, this woman has a good chance of getting other services as well.

By targeting women of all ages and offering so many services, the value that the ad created was the services that helped a healthy life for women and helped to prevent the oncoming illness. You are not just a number to the Thomas Health System – Women’s Services but a person they truly care about.

The ad was so clean and easy to read the website and the logo on the background and at the bottom of the ad.

ENT 610 – “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment – Five TV Ads Analysis

  1. The Dancing Traffic Light:

Description: A mission/idea from Smart to keep the traffic safe and fun, especially in the dense and busy cities where people just crossing the street without waiting till the “pedestrian light” turns green. This mission also encouraged real volunteers every day at any moment to dance and being synced into the real time with upbeat dancing music at crossing traffic lights.

The Rap artist’s voice and the song was so much fun and engaging with his invitation and explanation of how the dancing light functions, along with the captions that help you more understanding the ad.

Objectives: To save lives and money from unwanted accidents. Public safety with a twist of fun.

Target Market: All pedestrians, everyone who walks in the cities where this product was installed.

Product Benefits: Crossing the street is always dangerous because most of time people are impatient and jaywalking, causing a lot of accidents. With this dancing light product, it had 81% more people waiting, watching, dancing along which had resulted in less accidents – per the reporters. This mission not only kept the traffic safe but also automatically made people slow down, brought more smiles, more engaging and breaking the ice between people on the streets., made their day more joyful and less stress.

Product Value: Making intersections in the cities safer for pedestrians and auto traffic.  This idea not only save lives, creates fun and interactions, bringing positive feeling and smiles on people, also helps many cities to install this idea in their community.


  1. Lantern:

Description: “Lantern app, lighting the way of blind” – the title/mission brings curious and makes you want to see what it is about.

At the beginning of the ad, there was a blind man standing inside the train, trying to find out the next directions with a real person. That was before the app, and it was obviously always time consuming, can be confusing, get lost and dangerous when walking in the Subway unsure about the next directions. The ad pointed out the facts that there are 468 stations, 21 lines and five million fellow riders… not easy for anyone, especially for the blinds.  So, must have a solution to help at least 60, 000 blinds New Yorkers less stress, more independent and get a little easier to navigate in Subway. The Metro Train Authority partner with IBM created a new app called Lantern. Lantern is an indoor system that uses Bluetooth with Smartphone. By downloading the Lantern app, the Smartphone becomes a Skype providing turn by turn directions in Subway.

Just using the voice commend or asking any questions, it will tell you: train schedules, warning potential hazard, even the details like “Be careful, there are 20 steps ahead”, “Be careful, you are close to the platform edge” etc., The ad explained very clearly step by step how the app works with different demonstrated scenarios in real life.

The music background and the narrative voice are so clear, also with the caption, pictures that keep the audience’s attention to continue watching and bring up the grateful emotion of the helpful product.

Objectives: Encourage the blinds feel easier and safer when using the app. This product helps them travel with more confident and independent when traveling in subway.

Target Market: All blinds, all the unable to see people who are travelling in subway in New York City.

Product Benefits: I think this is a great idea, great product and I hope it will expanded past the subway and into the streets someday. This is something that allows the blind to be one step closer to independence while travelling.

Product Value: The value is for all the blind people. I feels more like a public service product that I am sure was paid for either with grant money or as a handsome tax deduction for the subway system.


  1. #IAmStories:

Description: This Multicultural ad that specifically interviewed successful actors, actresses, entrepreneurs. They are also Asian Americans, who are making a mark in industries such as entertainment, food and social media. They shared their work and life experiences to empower others, that not be afraid to get out there and make a good, positive life. The ad featured Asian Pacific American Heritage Month that the stories are continuing be inspired and inspire others, also make an impression and open door to other Asian Americans. The ad’s title said it all “IAmStories”, encourages people to tell their stories, then posts them on YouTube and or especially on #IAmStories website.

The ad also features that #IAM partner with CAPE and Verizon. It features a short “About CAPE” and “About Verizon” with their logos and websites.

The background music is joyful and fast, combined with different interviewees’ conversations and slice pictures/webpages that helped understand better the subject matter.

Objectives: To get people to become more publicly about whatever their passion is and share it with the world.

Target Market: All ages, all people in general. Everyone can learn and can be an inspiration to others.

Product Benefits: To make you feel good and to help others to make good life choices. This is a powerful call to action which encourages you to find a niche, share it and be happy. It also brings together Asian Americans to show their strengths and continue making an impact in their own industries.

Product Value: This is a very good ad that bring people together, uplift the self-esteem and encourages everyone, especially Asian Americans to tell their stories to others. Post it on #IAmStories, show the world what you can do, can learn and what other people can teach you. The ad was presented by Verizon – America’s Largest and Most Reliable 4G LTE Network, which helped the world connected.


  1. Respect – Discipline:


Description: The Marines – The Pew. The Proud (with Marines logo). This 2:05 minutes ad won the Multicultural Excellent Award 2013. Recruiting ad for the U.S Marines. The successful people who earned leadership, respect, and discipline. Real people, real stories:

1st Lt David Oliver David – Public Affair Officer: He shared how he is successful in Leadership role as a U.S Marine officer. His culture, family, respecting people, the elders…For him, respect is both earn and imply. He earns respect by giving respect.

1st Lt David Pham – Infantry Officer: He is a Vietnamese American whose experience and inspirations from a refugee life, a hard worker and refugee Vietnamese mother. He learned to be independent at very young ages, hard work, strong self-discipline that helped him a lot to be in the Marines. He has been trained and training others by set himself good example to others, always keep uniform and booths clean, training with precise, perfection at anything they do to be always ready when transiting to combat.

The music and drums through the ad, so strong and intense also so humble feeling with the real and intensive training in the field. So inspiring people to make U.S marines and the country proud.

Ad Objectives: To show that if you become a Marine you will giving respect and earning the respect of your family and others around you.Inspiring and recruiting new young men for the respected and proud career.

Target Market: Multicultural young men and women who can join the Marines and make something out of themselves.

Product Benefits: To instill a feeling of power, acceptance, free education, future life of leadership.

Product Value: If you join the Marines, they will at their expense training you. You will make a life changing decision for the benefit of you and your family. Win-win situation for the right people.


  1. Open Your World:

Description: A screen with narration by a man who speaks Spanish, caption in English, with music in the background. It shows different people who is learning a new language with Rosetta Stone on computer: a man is learning on the porch, a woman is learning in the living room, an elderly woman is learning in the kitchen, a young man is learning in bed, a business man is learning at his desk office… This ad shows everyone can learn a new language at anytime and anywhere you can.

The ad pointed out the advantages if you know a new language, you will open your world, break barriers, being able to feel more sure about yourself, overcoming the obstacle of not being to communicate, reaching your goal, making your dreams come true, making new friends, close a deal, new opportunities for jobs etc., It also persuades you to not worry about pronunciation thanks to online tutors’ method.

Ad Objectives: With Rosetta Stone, you learn a second language in a manner that is faster and more effective.

Target Market: All people, all ages that can benefit from learning a new language.

Product Benefits: To sell Rosetta Stone. Learning experience and speaking more than one language will bring a life changing in a positive way and make a better world by understanding each other better.

Product Value: By buying the Rosetta Stone product, you can learn more, socialize better, make more money in business, travel with ease. Language is a gift of a life time. Rosetta Stone – The Power of Communication.


ENT 610 “Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis Assignment – Five Radio Ads Analysis

  1. Dent:

Description: This radio ad is only in 30 seconds but it conveys all the needed information. The ad starts off with a jingle type music, a little annoying but also funny catchy tune that inserts humor to get your attention. It is about a “huge frigging dent in your garage door” that you may have. The man (must be the husband and the father of the house) automatically blames this on his teenage daughter but realized that since it could not be her because she was at her friend’s house (he monitors her Facebook, explaining/singing in different funny voice), then it must be his wife who dented the garage door. He uses this as an excuse because he does not buy his wife any nice things.

Target Market: Home owners with garages and constructions, builders…

Ad Objective: The ad brings out the solution of how to fix a garage door at a cheaper price than most larger store, easy and quickly complete replace a garage door by buying directly at buy door

Call for action and product Value: The ad gets your attention, creates humor, and brings it home pointing out serious facts of how to save money by buying their product.

  1. Tomato:

Description: It’s a 30 seconds ad. Starts with a twilight type background music, a man and a woman’s romantic voices, whispering seductively.

Ad Objective: The whisper causes you to pay extra more attention and listen to the words closer. The ad brings across the message that Target has groceries to sell. It brings imagery of Chef Boyardee products like Beeffaroni…

Target Market: Anyone who shops for grocery.

Product Benefits and Value: The way she whispers makes it is like a luxury place to shop. It promotes grocery in general to be purchased at any Target stores. The everyday collection – buy Target!

  1. Too Old:

Description: It is funny but a little bit sad ad and gives you an alerting feeling. The ad brings up different scenarios and situations in life and while thinking about getting older, urging you to use their credit card now, not wait too long to think about paying your student loan debt off.

Ad Objective: It involves humor which is always attention getter, causing you to listen to what product that they are trying to sell. The in-flexion of the man’s voice brings the effectiveness of humor and the content he is try to convey. At the end, the snoring noise makes you smile.

Target Market:  Get college students, educated young people to use credit card and redeem the CitiBank thank you points to help them pay off their student loans while they are still young.

  1. Woodpecker:

Description: This 30 seconds ad commercial points out the different between a boring and dull radio commercial and an exciting attention getting commercial. It represents that an engaging radio commercial will get eight times more attention from the listeners than one that is not engaging, even with the same subject matter.

Ad Objective: This radio commercial is about selling more exciting radio commercial and that their product will help you market your product with more enthusiasm and get more people’s attention.

I like this short and sweet commercial and it makes me want to go to their engaging commercial website to see what products they offer.

To get your attention, they express with excited voices, uses different sound effects, and invoke your imagination.

Target Market: To all businesses that need to radio advertise products or services to others. Businesses that would benefit from exciting radio advertising.

  1. Henry:

Description: This commercial is representing a business man-Henry who is trying to save a little money by trying to do everything by himself. He prepares a bid presentation to the city council. He is printing, collating, copying, stapling, and putting together an entire presentation package himself, not properly proof read his work.

Ad Objective: This commercial is trying to show that Office Depot can help. Henry will have more time to make sure his presentation is perfect, save time and having an impressive bid documents. This will allow him to get a contract and make money for his company. Office Depot is the best choice for his business.

Target Market and Products Benefits: Business people who should spend more time doing business and not the manual time consuming repetitiousness of a job that Office Depot can help with.

The Magic: Child’s Play Turns Into a Bright Business Person

ENT 601 eZine Article Assignment

How do you know if a child will someday turn into a successful business person?

Every child can be smart. By respecting and supporting his/her ideas and interests, it will help that child’s natural abilities to surface. Gifted children show from a young age, for example when they sell lemonade on the corner for 25 cents and earn 5 or 10 dollars by the end of the day, that is the entrepreneur spirit.

I feel that in some manner, a true entrepreneur is created as a child in many ways. Maybe a Mother says “Wow, he is quite the talker and I bet he will become a great salesman someday” or “she is so smart, I bet she will run her own business someday and will be a good leader”.

These are the times that a seed gets planted and children never forgets these times. When the time is right and all what they learned come together is a great moment. They might strive for what was in their heart, planted by a mentor, Mom or Dad’s encouragements or comments so many years ago.

I feel like it is a moment that a child makes a Mother and Father proud, and the achievements that their parents don’t remember why but all of a sudden, this business person is a salesman of the month or became a CEO of their own business. It is a very proud moment for both parents and the family.

Achievements are so important in an adult or child’s life and when their successes are best recognized by their loved ones as a very proud moment. The making of a CEO or a top sales person can be found at many moments in life. When did the light-bulb become brighter for a career? Was it sparked when they were 15 years old, when they got to feel what glory and winning was like when they won at a football game or played in their first recital. Maybe when they brought home their first A in math and always try to learn better math.

I do not know if any of us will ever truly know these answers. All we can always do is encourage our loved ones no matter what age they are, encourage with warm and positive feelings to emanate through kind words and actions, keep the positive loving attitude in the home or work place to inspire the greatness.

Mary Hongphuc Le, Schuler is a NC licensed Realtor/Broker and a Senior Executive Casino Host – Multi Lingual at Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel in Murphy NC. Mary is also currently enrolled in the Masters of Entrepreneurship Degree Program at Western Carolina University in NC. Webmasters and other article publishers are hereby granted article reproduction permission as long as this article is in its entirety, author’s information, and any links remain intact. Copyright 2017 by Mary Hongphuc Le, Schuler.

ENT 601 Week 8 Blog Assignment – The Role of Senior Executives in Leading New Growth

Image result for roles the Senior Executives in managing innovation:


First, per the authors, “the term Senior Executives to refer to men and women in positions such as chairman, vice chairman, CEO, and president, who can perform well the leadership roles, who need to have the power and the confidence to declare certain corporate rules will and will not followed, given the circumstances that a growth venture is in.” (p. 283 The Innovator’s Solution)

I knew of a Chinese company that at one time was running tight during hard times. The CEO cut his pay by one fourth and asked his executive management to cut their pay by one half and he would bring the pay back as soon as possible and guaranteed that he would be the last man to reinstate his income.

During this time the CEO needing to know the details of the company as it was running today, filled in for any missing employee where he could and did whatever job needed to be done. He also only ate lunches and took breaks with the other employees in the cafeteria. Even if he brought his own lunch from home, he sat and socialized with the workers. It took time, almost one year before he reinstated his income but during this year the changes made to the company were amazing and turned the company around that might have been doomed if not for an innovative CEO. I feel so proud to know people like this still exists.

What roles the average Senior Executives need to play in managing innovation? According to the authors, there are four tasks for an established company to actively monitoring the appropriate flow of resources, processes, and values:

  • Actively coordinate action and decisions
  • Break the grip of established process
  • Create processes
  • Stand astride the boundary of organizations.

It is not uncommon that the higher up management takes the role of delegating authority or process to a fault. I have personally known an upper management individual who just gave all of his power to the one under him and when was asked any questions he would just say “speak to your next in line supervisor and they will come to me if needed”. This person also never wanted to be in his team’s email so he probably did not know what was going on day-to-day business, never took calls from anyone accept the people directly under him or over him. He left work after a 5 to 6-hour work day and could never be reached by anyone when gone. I would say this job is so comfortable that I would love to have it but truly I would not. There is no joy or accomplishment or concern for your own company doing business this way. Just in here another week waiting for another payday. Not a good life or team player for a company, especially is common in a big and established company where there are too many layers of management and lack of activism.

Senior Executives will always have their own authority or ways of doing business. They need to recognize and manage between their responsibilities for parts of the business and the collective needs of the business. They must learn new roles and old ones that have worked, taking on challenging new responsibilities, even for parts of the business that they don’t directly control. This is so important if you’re going to have a growing company.


The Innovator’s Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth – by Christensen, Clayton M. and Michael E. Raynor, 2003